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[Stub, War strategy] The 20 pt strategy

Only works with an alliance that can field 5- 8 war defense teams of five 5* 4.80 but the rest of the alliance only has 4* heroes for war defense.

Not recommended for alliances that can field 16- 30 war defense teams of five 5* 4.80 heroes.

All users with 5* 4.80 teams set their best war defense teams
All other users set a camouflaged 20 point trap team war defense. Their best hero in the left corner, enough other heroes to bring their points to 20- 24 points.

Why this works
5* heroes are hard to summon.
3* and 4* ascension items are slow to acquire.
5* Hero take 212% of the XP and 200% of the 3* ascension items of a 4* Hero.
4* 3.60 is the best heroes for war with farmable ascension materials.
So most people are going to be attacking with 4* 3.60, or lower heroes.

Points are based on damage.
The five hero 5* 4.80 war defense teams have a high defense stat.
Defense is not linear.
The 5* 4.80 heroes. with decent to good defense, take significantly less damage than 4* 3.60 glass cannons on war defense ( looking at you war defense 4* 3.60 Wu Kong at 515 defense, see note ).

Instant revive only works if you wipe out the entire side.
Revives start at 5 hours and then increases.

Many older active players trying to recruit new low level players into an old alliance often have tank snipers, Marjana 712 defense, Sartanna 700 defense, Lianna 718 defense, which are fast mana heroes and work well even as the last hero standing on a war defense team. Add a Rigard/ Sabina/ Melendor in the corner, and this can be tough for more evenly distributed, newly formed alliance to defeat using the current matching since the new alliance will be lacking 5* heroes, ascension items, and extra low cost training camps.

We accidentally did a variation of this by booting some 30d inactive members now that the active members have started fielding 5* Heroes on war defense but after war matching had already happened ( I am not the leader, don’t blame me ). That eliminated a lot of easy targets for our opponents. So even though they have significantly more war energy for attack, they have nothing to spend it on. Currently 4k to 2k with 60 minutes left.


For alliance teammates who don’t have orbs and are trying to level their first Wu Kong

So the new strategy to game the system and demolish new alliances with your established alliance is to field dummy teams with a handful of teams that can’t be possibly beaten? Sounds like an exploit of some sort.

Strategy would get destroyed at a competitive level.

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That used to be true ( see note ).

And is still true for any alliance that can field 16+ five hero 5* 4.80 defense teams.

This only works because the v1.12 matching by power does not effectively account for the defense curve and stacking defense debuff . Both of which are non-linear.

The old Titan score was a good proxy because titan defense scales like 3*, 4* & 5* heroes. Teammates with 2* heroes do zero damage to 10* titans. So non-linear defense stat factored into titan score.

Teammates with Wu Kong, 2x Guardian Jackals, Delilah & Guinevere would do nice damage versus purple titans but poor damage versus yellow titans. So color availability and synergy/ compatibility of hero roster was factored into titan score.

It looks simplistic, but Titan score was actually a very granular measure of alliance strength and teammate participation.

It had problems with depth of roster & synergy/ compatibility of group attack/ healing heroes since war defense is a group fight but titans are single monster ( this could be fixed by adding a hoard mode), but its biggest weakness was users leaving and joining alliances.


May I suggest that alliances just NOT do this, even the ones that could?

Pre-1.12, you could have weaker members field a single 1* hero, to do this in a more extreme way, and that has been penalized/prevented, but this plan is the closest you can get to it.

IF war loot was awesome, it might be worth doing something sneaky like this to win better loot. Last I checked, the difference between winning war loot and losing war loot just doesn’t justify this kind of effort. Or if there was some sort of war leaderboard or something…

And it makes war a lot less enjoyable to wage, ultimately on both sides–being sure you will lose sucks, but being sure you will win isn’t all that much more fun.

And you may find that you tried to do this, but kinda failed at execution, and shot yourself in the foot. The one opponent we had with single 1* defenses, didn’t even use them well–some of their stronger players fielded a single 1*, some of their weaker players fielded a better defense. It was horribly uneven (in our favor)

Just don’t do this; it will hardly help you, and it will make the game less fun…and that is what playing a game is supposed to be about, right?

I’m still waiting for our alliance to have a war where the outcome is in question.

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Our team has talked about this so I am going to follow comments.

@Rook, please close this topic.

It is no longer valid

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