Analyse Heroes ala RedPython



Atlantis heroes inside :slight_smile: I wish you many good pulls!


Thanks for this @RedPython however I have a problem

I have taken a copy into my MyDrive and it seems to work fine. However a work a lot on my own Excel files offline often while travelling and when I download the file and open it in Excel 2016 I get lots of errors.

This appears to be because you use a function that doesn’t seem to exist in my version of Excel and that is switch

Any ideas as to how to get round the problem?


This is native google drive sheet file, not import from Excel, that means it’s not about different versions, it’s completely different software. I didn’t create it to be compatible with various tools, since I’m primarily using google sheets in my life and various tables here are also just google sheets. They do work offline as well, if you use google chrome and probably some extension, can’t recall, it just asked me something when I installed the machine and it’s just working later on.

switch is just simplified version of many nested ifs, if that helps?


temporarily down, will be back soon


And is back :slight_smile:
Thanks everyone for being patient :slight_smile:


Thanks for the update and cleanup!

Just FYI, I used the hero count and notes to better manage my roster; in my copy I’m adding the count back in and using ascension plan column like I used the notes. (I never used the ascension plan, and I figure one column for notes/status is plenty.)

What I did most with the count was put in a count of zero for heroes on my wish list … or maxed versions of heroes I’m currently ignoring, and made some filter views that showed my roster excluding them…and others that let me see how they would compare to the heroes I have.


ok, I’ll put back count column in next version

One reason for removing both was to shrink fixed left side, and I think ascending part is useful for someone, I put it there because I used it to figure out what materials I have/need and so on. currently I’m not using anything, I just look the roster and see what I need to do next, it probably all transfered in my head :rofl: