🎃 Ana-Belle - 4* Dark / Purple from Return to Morlovia (Halloween)

Well @Colonel used 4 for her in their last war … Top alliances here folks …


Not my best war but she is amazing!!! :heart_eyes:


LB’ed and fully emblemed. She’s a great resetter. Use her almost for every raid. turned the things around quite a few times

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How does she work against the taunters? does she remove everything for everyone or just their taunt?

Just the taunt, like every other dispeller


I figured as much. Sounds like I’ll still have to bring Sonya along for the ride.

I just stumbled upon a work around while scrimmaging through the daily challenge. Kvasir and Ana-Belle on the same team. His bees will continually put two dispells on the the other team. She may take them off in your turn but then they are put right back on.

The team I have them on isn’t ready for prime time yet, so not sure how well it would work in a raid/war setting.


The hero card now contains the latest balance update for the family bonus and passive.

Better late than never… Here is my review of Ana-Belle!

Please let me know what you think


She’s one of the best healers in the game…pulled the trigger.


This hero is almost OP. Mayby the best 4* for defence. The name of her special reminds me a forum member.

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Does Ana-Belle trigger Gullinbursti?

Yes she does. But if there are a lot of buffs on both sides, her heal will be strong enough to survive the damage. Just don’t do too much damage to Gullin after he fires.

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Do you think she is serviceable on war defense? Asking for guild mate with shallow roster (has C Rigard, C1 Quintus or Proteus on defense at moment).

She’s good if you don’t use a buff-heavy team. I used her when my team was all direct damage, but she’s too tricky when you bring counterpunchers, boosters, etc because you’ll risk losing all the buffs. But her heal is huge and her family bonus is great (even after the nerf).

She’s amazing on offense, and she remains my main healer even though C. Ariel is better overall due to the mana bonus for Alucard. She’s on my shortlist for the alpha aethers.

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She’s on my offense team and a lot of fun… most of the time saving my a…


Mixed feelings about her, i am a new f2p and my team is c.agwe, belith, ribbit and annabeth, made it to season 2 and she keeps dispelling my ailments on the oppsing teams as my team is highly depended on status ailments

Really good healer but i still take too muc dmg

You need to think different about her.
She is like an emergency brake.
Hold her unless any source of heal is direly needed to survive a wipe.
You need to perfect her timing to get most out of her abilites.


With timing she’s a really top healer.

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