An Purple Problem

I’m in game for 17th month’s . I’ve got my first 4* purple troop 1 month ago. I had hundreds off 10x. Nothing,no purple 5*. Im on 15h, at day. Must be a bug with old accounts.

Random number generators can be cruel. Are you talking about 4* troop or 4* heroes? There are only 5* heroes, no 5* troops (yet).

And I have met plenty of folks in E&P land who do not have certain 4* troops after 16 months. So, it’s not impossible for you to miss one.

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Troops and heroes ,to . Waist off time with this game .

It wont make you feel better but i have 1 4* troop after 10 months play. Ive drawn over 100 times.

I’ve got 1 x 4* troop . Waiting and waiting for 5* purle hero :))