An overheard conversation


“That’s funny.”


“You see those birds flying off in the distance?”

"Yeah, what about them?

“Can you hear them?”

“No. Why?”

“Because when I zoom in with the Farsight Telescope, I can hear them. This thing is awesome. Although when I zoom in on that dragon flying over the mountains, I can’t hear him.”

“That’s weird. You really should put that thing away.”


“Because if the guards catch you using it to zoom in on Lady Sonya’s bedchamber window in the mornings as the sun rises, Joon’s going to roast you with his eyeballs.”

“Oh come on. It’s just a little hero worship.”

“Yeah, right. You know she’s never going to be interested in a guy who wears a skull belt buckle.”

“What’s wrong with my belt buckle?”

“It’s your whole look, man. Lime green? Besides, everybody knows she’s betrothed to Richard.”

“That pompous peacock! What does she see in him? He’s just a Thor wannabe, toting around that ridiculous sledge with the gaudy paintjob.”

"He’s also toting around her heart. Face it, Lady Sonya isn’t going to date a Dark. You guys are weird. "

“This from a dog face.”

“What’s that, some sort of army joke?”

“Have you looked in the mirror lately?”

“I could always borrow yours, seeing as how you keep it in your pouch and check your long flowing locks thrice per hour. I don’t even know why I’m friends with you.”

“Never mind, I don’t want your big brother getting on my case. Last time we tangled, I couldn’t see for a fortnight.”

“Don’t feel bad. You’re probably the most normal of the Darks. And some of the new guys…”

“Don’t get me started. Too many birds already. And the newest guy with his little minion…that dude needs a makeover if anyone ever did, by the icy amulet of Isarnia.”

“It’s a little early for blaspheming, isn’t it?”

“Back to the subject, I thought Richard and Elena were a thing.”

“Old news. She has no effect on him anymore. Hey, I hear Sartana’s available.”

“You’re not funny.”


Ha! The audible ducks make it into a story! Nice!


Very well done! Please, write more! :slight_smile:


Man, I was ready to grab my far sight telescope and try to hear the geese! You had me completely believing that I could. More please.