An option to help mitigate bad boards

At the end of each map or quest stage the player has the option to save any diamond or dragon tiles that are still on the board. There is a limit of one diamond and 1 dragon tile of each color the player can save at any one time. Before starting a raid, raid tourney, or war attack the player can select 1 of each to use (since no items can be used in these 3 game modes.)

For example, a team of 3 reds and 2 purples is selected. The player then can choose a red diamond tile and a purple dragon tile to use. During the match, they have the option to change 1 red tile already on the board into the diamond and one purple tile already on the board into the dragon. This will add some use of skill into the match, help recover from bad boards, and help reduce the frustration that it’s more “luck” than “skill” that’s needed to win. This will give the player more control over the board.

Using this option will NOT affect mana generation for the player or for the opponent. This option will only inflict tile damage (this includes any combos that changing the tile would cause.) This will prevent this option from being overpowered.

Will never happen as then the board would not be ‘random’, also only the offensive team would be able to use it and they are already at an advantage over the defense team.

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