An Open Letter To The E&P Community

I might be a sample size of 1 but I probabely have 25k+ raids under my belt which is a lot bigger than 1! :smile:

F2P status is relevant exactely because you have to work with what you have as F2P, which makes it even harder to get a ggood win %. :slightly_smiling_face:

Again this CAN be true for single matches but if you get enough tries, good skills ( playing and team construction ) and good use of the reroll button will let you win a good part ( 70-80% ) of the matches.

So unfortunately I have to disagree with almost every point you make in this post.


I’m surprised that you did!

Why can’t beta…who have been using LB2 and vocal about the "impact on the game environment"?

Have we not all been using emblems and LB?
Do we use them blindfolded?

I don’t… and the "impact on my game environment" was a drive to advance small portions of my roster. Thus negating variety in my own bench as I try and isolate what is critical for my advancement.

I experienced a major increase in grind time for those materials.

I think there is a difference between:
Optimism and Naïveté
Negativity and Criticism

I don’t see that a crystal ball is needed to sort that out.


Let’s be honest, members of this forum have an oversized sense of importance of themselves. When Team Korea said they were disbandening and not pushing for number 1 anymore, the forum was saying how this is the beginning of the end of the game and that Zynga must pay attention. As you said, there’s about a million players, does the action of 30 players really even reach the threshold of being heard by Zynga? It’s not even noise at their bottom line.

You never know… .


I don’t play the game that way and there are many others here that don’t. In certain threads those that do yell the loudest.

I personally don’t like this because of the passives. The impact on my game may not be too significant (being a mid-tier player), but the impact on my game play may be with having to re-prioritise heroes I thought were finished YET AGAIN!! But with the first tier LB I knew that a second (and third AND fourth [sans 3*]) was inevitable.


And then they released them anyway.

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True :joy:

But for a brief moment.

We were united.
And it meant something


The point is if they have already decided that these 2nd aethers are coming out, there was nothing to change their minds. At best, they could reduce the length from 6 turns, but guess what the 3rd and subsequent LB levels will do. Increase the length.

Done. It’s 4 now.
Let’s see if that changes more.

Agree with the direction however!

:white_check_mark: looking at the horizon

Then what? Do nothing?
Or speak out?


While it’s true that we probably can’t change their minds, I will never subscribe to the thinking “it’s futile so might as well not say anything”.

We have the privilege of free speech, we should use it.


Go ahead and do that, but don’t expect any better result than grandpa Simpson shaking his fiat at the cloud. They may make some cosmetic changes to appease those complaining, but nothing significant will change

And that was exactly what I said. Even if it’s futile, I will speak out. Even if they won’t listen, at least I said my piece. Instead of just rolling over and doing nothing :roll_eyes:


No one at Zynga cares about any of this. Money talks the rest is BS.

:joy::rofl::joy: So, some players have been very vocal about their disdain for the 2LB update, and that is representative of The Forum? :thinking:

Absolutely @sleepyhead! Others have also taken action by quietly quitting.

Ikr :wink:


The forum has a viarety of different players from top to bottom that do check out the the information on here … Folk that use The fourm and offical reddit and offical FB are a minority on the player base. There are others that use other platforms … But i do see the same trend in the discord groups and line that im apart of a mixed bag.
There are alot of folk that brouse and dont post there views on here that are in say the top teir why that’s down to them.

On the forum i do let everyone voice be heard, if it a dupe topic then it will be merged into the correct place . If topics are made with insults and generally not very productive then it be closed … Would you speak to someone in real life like that? Probably not as yah more then likely get punch in the face …:smirk:

If folk ask for help in here, alot of the time its asked on there situation in the game … Then advice is given by fine folk … To help them in there style and level …

Everyone here is different and unique in there own way … What makes it great :green_heart:


:rofl::rofl: have fun with those comical (common) grounds…. :man_facepalming:t2::rofl::rofl:

You do know that your described “rolling over” will still happen, when game rolls out things… unless, one packs up !

While I totally support free speech, but it needs to have value & not just noise for the heck of it…

Stats are not an issue bcoz, they will keep increasing…. Whether via Alpha or other means…
Reduced Hero numbers, various reset options (LBs, golden emblems, Legendary heroes, etc) are more valuable choices I would prefer…. Which will help re-allocate stuck up resources to new / current areas….in active play !


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Didn’t the forum poll show a 91% negative vote? So I would say that’s pretty representative of the users of the forum. Of course, only a subset of the forum voted, just like the forum is just a subset of the general users.

Who knows, maybe the silent majority of the players love the idea of 2nd aethers. I’m sure Zynga will find out when the portal first opens up and sees how many people buy in for the chance to get them.


“Let’s be honest, members of this forum have an oversized sense of importance of themselves.”

Seriously, you seriously think that? Based on what? For heavens sake … and please don’t quote the results on a mini poll vote


Should I qualify that statement with some users? We only have to look at the past “protests” like no-spend November (or whatever month it was), or as mentioned, costumes. Now instead of accepting costumes for non-S1 heroes, people are looking forward for new costumes for the latest seasons. It is only a matter of time people start hoping for S5 costumes.

But really, it’s the whole Team Korea that gets me. You only have to look at that thread wuth people saying that this is a wake up call and SGG will have to pay attention. Again, thinking that the actions of 30 players is somehow going to change the course of the company. Or even that 2nd aether poll, or this open letter thread.

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