An Open Letter To The E&P Community

LOL first off I never intended to “debate” you, and have no interest in doing so. I first expressed my opinion on why you are facing such opposition here. Then I expressed my opinion on why I choose not to support the petition that seems to follow me everywhere I go in the forums here. You then chose to “correct my opinion” (because obviously it is wrong). That is also not “debate”. Debating with you is a waste of time because you demonstrably don’t despite what you say.

These threads pop up all the time about taking a stand against the developers. Usually one side argues that “we have rights as consumers” based on a sense of ownership due to a commitment of time/money in the game. The other side argues that there is no “ownership” and past experience has demonstrated that such an approach is invariably unsuccessful. Neither side “debates” because frankly neither side seems interested in what the other side says.

Beyond being apprehensive over what effect the initial passives will have on MY OWN gameplay, and the constant regrind to re-max heroes I had previously already maxed, I have no horse in this race. I knew LB2 was coming as soon as LB1 was released, and I fully expect LB3 and LB4 in the future as well. LB4 will be the real kicker for me because I don’t see room for LB4 in 3* (no fourth chevron), creating a huge gap between them and the higher heroes. But that is neither here nor there in this thread.


I’m sure they consider their internal data objective and the player feedback subjective. To be fair they are probably correct to do so, but perhaps give too much weight to the objective.


The only thing that SG response says to me is “We see you raging, but we’ll carry on as we have so far.”

Not holding my breath for anything. When was the last round of hero buffs? 4 months ago?

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The Alpha aether is not my problem, because there are not so many players which have one or complete sets of 90er heros for the next 12 month. The superheroes and the supersuperheroes frustrates me much more. I ask myself why for example Telluria was nerfed a long time ago. Now there are at least 40 heroes who are much stronger. Are one of these heroes is nerfed - of course not. So I would suggest to make a renerf or better to nerf the King dome or some of the Dessert heroes.
So far my strategy is: Avoiding fights with this teams even though they are 500 or more point weaker.
Cheers Reder

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It may not be your immediate problem, but it will be your future problem if you continue the game. Level up or be left behind is the name of the game these days.

So what if the defense has all 5 heroes LB2d? The advantage in this game has always gone to the attacker even when the attacker has a large TP deficit - as long as the attacker can bring the right heroes to counter the defender.

I did a quick run to top 100 (well, top 125 - had one more win to go but didn’t want to spend the 100 gems to refill). Won 11/12 with my 4.6Kish TP team vs teams from 5K to 5.5K TP, moving from 2.5Kish cups to 2.9K ish cups

This is on my P2P account but the heroes I used are

  • Shrub (3*, LB2)
  • C Sabina (4* costume, LB2)
  • Ludwig (was available from SE)
  • Lord Loki (was/will be available in 2 sources)
  • Topaz (still hard to get, but can be substituted by Grimble who will be available in next fated summon. Topaz does more damage but Grimble is more reliable in regards to the minion removal)
  • Director Z (was available from SE)
  • Alfrike (I think she was available in SE?)
  • Arco (was available from SE)

All of these heroes are > 1 year old, some much older.

Troops are level 12 to level 23. LB2s are on my 3* and 4s while my 5s are emblemed but only Topaz is LB1d.

Imagine going up against a defense team with 2 or 3 more LB2s than I faced, I hear you say? Well I suppose I could LB1 my 5s and be on equal footing. Or raise my troops. Or LB2 1 or 2 of my 5s and then be at an even bigger advantage.

Please have a look at the videos and see for yourselves that you do not need:
a) The latest/greatest/newest/shiniest/fastest heroes, or
b) The highest troops/highest LBs

to be consistently competitive in today’s E&P world

I know the naysayers won’t look, and won’t learn. But there are still a lot of players on the forum who I think can benefit from this message and will have a more enjoyable playing experience as a result.

The later battles in the second video are against harder opponents so are probably the better watch.


I get some of your opposition to LB2, but this comment is a tad odd. Leveling up cards has ALWAYS been the aim of the game.

Even back when, S1 at 1-1 were never going to compete against S1 at 4-80. So level up or get left behind…

Don’t be silly. Everyone in this game regardless of roster and progression should have an equal chance of winning. It would be very unfair if a Dawa at 1-1 wasn’t as powerful as a 2LB Anne


And this is why this whole kafaffle, this petition, this hysteria

giphy (1)

, everything was much ado about nothing.

Because LB2ing the right heroes in offense will always get you better returns than LB2ing the heroes in defense.

Offense LB2 Shrub > defense LB2 Gosseck


Good show! Bravo.

20 whoas

Come now! Why you gotta do the petition dirty like that?

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If you can’t see this is exactly the reason why LB2 is the problem no one can help you see. A 3* so powerful that dominate in 5* matches. Remind me what happened to Treevil if you want to argue this is working as intended. Essentially: “Because I use a LB2 and win so LB2 isn’t a problem, go me, yay!” People already predicted auto-taunt will dominate Rush war, you are not the Einstein here. My current Rush opponent has 20+ Shrubbear on defense. Go go LB2! And this is just the first Rush war since LB2, ppl still experimenting. Wouldn’t be surprised if next one will be 30 Shrubbear lol

People predicted that LB2s on defense will auto destroy everyone, all the time, actually. Not one person complained “I am going to quit the game because LB2s are going to be too strong on offense and I might start winning more”.

Change the goalpost much, Einstein?


I used my 2LB Shrubbear in this Rush war as well.

The point is that 2LB are here, you can’t change that. So if you wish to keep playing you need to consider how to best get value from them.

My 2LB Shrubbear (which is identical to Homaclese) cost 1 Alpha. The opposing Ludwig with 2LB in my war hit cost them 10. Yet I was able to fairly easily win that hit. Shrubbear did his and caught 5 cubes from Alfrike. I then stripped Ludwig and fired my killers and job done, team wiped.

Tbh since I didn’t foresee this outcome I didn’t keep dupes of the Shrub but any Shrub I get now will get the same treatment. I’d happily have 6 of them…would feel like cheat mode in rush as you are getting 60 Alpha of spending for 6 Alpha


LMAO, ppl couldn’t face that facts and just flag ppl with different opinion to silence others

The fact that you used LB2 Shrubbear to beat a defense without auto-taunt says it all. Maybe you are shifting the goalpost to avoid the issue, but w/e. I wasted enough time on you. You have fun. lol

Generally when you get flagged you are being nasty. Were you being nasty, dear?

What in the world is this all that you claim this says? Can you enlighten me please? Auto taunt in defense is just nowhere near as useful as it is in offense. Probably becomes more useful in rush though, there is a consensus on that. But outside of rush it has very little impact. But really I have no idea what point you are trying to make here.

What issue? I feel you are being deliberately obtuse because you have no real point of your own.

OK. lol

Point still stands. This open letter to the community, this petition… giant fuss about nothing. In fact if anything it was going against the community because so far the biggest winners of LB2 are FTP and C2P players who can expand their rosters. And those heroes that have gained in value will retain their newly acquired value even through to the point where all defenses have all LB2 heroes.


Fyi, this is not how flags work. 1st, multiple people must flag a post for it to be hidden and this can be undone by a staff member or mod if deemed to be appropriate. 2nd, using flags just because you disagree with a post or topic is itself a forum rules violation and would cause disciplinary action against said individual. I do not remember what is going on here, and I have no desire to read over the posts again - but hopefully this clears up this issue. It would absolutely be awful if what you said was how it worked, and I don’t want anyone confused with this, and thus have unnecessary irritation or anxiety over it


Late to this thread - I took a break for a year or two from the game - but what I see today is unpleasant. The number of OP heroes with base stats that do not remotely match how powerful or weak they are is a daily suck of pleasure playing this game.

It’s a sad business policy that exploits addiction and rage to make more and more money. Will it spell the end of the game? Clearly they have done the math and
think it’s better to ruin the lives of a few thousand people going into debt and misery from overspending than it is to attract a larger base of people spending a small amount every month.

Personally I’m admittedly stuck in the sunk cost fallacy, where I keep spending in the hope of getting a good defensive and attacking line up.

But if it wasn’t for Raids, Wars and Tournaments I wouldn’t care.

And it’s so NOT about skill this game but RNG.

So any pride you have from your ranking is probably a compensation for how little you have in real life. Over the last few years my life really sucked, and the constant ■■■■■■ over in this game has nearly pushed me over the edge.


You (of course) have evidence to support your claim that there have been a few thousand people driven into debt and misery by this game or else you wouldn’t have made that claim.

Was it 1.2 million players at one point?

A couple of thousand landing in misery and debt seems a conservative estimate to me.

Cant prove it, dont think I need to. I know addiction and I know this game well enough to see how they align.

Beyond that headline grabber, there are just a huge amount of people left feeling shame, frustration and self-recrimination after spending money they probably shouldnt have because they had a moment of madness.

Gacha is gross and your cold pragmatism may be accurate but its not helpful or enlightening. Sometimes people just want to share how they feel.