An Open Letter To The E&P Community

To All Empire and Puzzles players,

Some 11 days ago to day I posted End game RIP E&P
To give the community a heads up, of what was to come.

Yesterday Beta resumed for another round of testing, and despite our concerns as a community Sg have decided to steer down the path of impending doom for the game .

Below you can see practical zero changes have been made and feedback to the beta testers did not happenat all.

  • Attack Up
    • Attack buff reduced: +25% → +20%
  • Rage
    • Attack buff reduced: +20% → +15% and a +1% increase on each hit
  • Special Boost
    • Special Skill damage boost reduced: +40% → +30%
  • Taunt
    • Duration reduced: 6 → 4 turns
  • Revive
    • Duration reduced: 6 → 4 turns
  • Regen
    • Regenerated health increased: 300 → 420
  • Boosted Regen
    • Regenerated health increased: 240 → 300

It is clear that SG’s decision to implement the second aethers with passives despite significant opposition and concern from the player base, is a blatant disregard for the opinions and feedback from beta testers and the entire e&p community

We the community have invested significant ,time, effort, and resources into the game, and our concerns about the potential impact of the second aethers on the games balance, fairness, and progression should not be ignored. It is unacceptable for SG to move forward with this change without addressing the concerns and feedback of the beta testers and player base.

SG’s decision to disregard the community’s concerns regarding the second aethers is a clear indication of a lack of consideration for our opinions, our concerns should be at the forefront of any major decision affecting the game, and SG’s disregard for this is a direct attack on the player community.

Furthermore, this decision undermines the trust and relationship between SG and We the community. Without the trust and support of their player base, a game cannot succeed, and SG’s actions are jeopardizing the future of Empire and Puzzles.

It’s time to take a stand against the introduction of a second limit breaker level in the game. As members of this vibrant and passionate community, we must speak out against this misguided idea that threatens to disrupt the balance and integrity of our beloved game.

We cannot stand idly by and watch as the introduction of a second limit breaker level with these awful passives which will create even greater divide between not only between top-tier and casual players but in all aspects of the game, from war to challenge events thus driving up in-app prices and making it even more difficult for some to keep up. We cannot allow the introduction of a second limit breaker level to diminish our sense of progression and accomplishment or to make the game less interesting and engaging.

We must band together and make our voices heard. We must boycott this idea and send a clear message to the game’s developers that we will not accept anything that threatens to undermine the fairness and balance of the game. We must show them that we value the community we have built and that we will not allow them to jeopardize it for the sake of profit .

So let us stand together and continue to say NO to the second limit breaker level and these dreadful passive’s . Let us use our collective power to make a difference and to show the game’s developers that we will not be silenced or ignored. Let us continue to play and enjoy Empire and Puzzles, but on our own terms and with our own values intact.
Let us boycott this idea Let us curb our spending Let us flood their support team with our distain of this implementation, and show the world what it means to be a true community of players.

#Boycott2ndAethers #NoSpends


King Canute had more chance of stopping the tide than you have of stopping LB2, 3 and 4 from coming. Eventually there will be level 100 heroes.

No amount of petitions or hashtags or angry mobs will change this.

Honestly your choice right now is simply to stay on the train or get off it now.


I applaud your well written post and initiative. :100:

And I really do wish we had that kind of influence. Sadly, this game has so many players who will continue to make purchases no matter what. Most are likely not even on this forum.

Many can fall victim to the desire to be ‘the best’, despite RNG being the biggest factor in your victories in this game. How to penetrate through that kind of addiction, I do not know.

But, I really applaud your initiative, as well as support it. :slightly_smiling_face:


I can only do one thing.
The day they will release the LB2, I will definitely leave the game.
So I’m going to say goodbye in a couple of weeks.


I wanted to thank you for your effort and your perfectly stated post.

Unfortunately i don’t think it will Help much. I think there are two possibilties now.

  1. They simply don’t care about the players, the oppinions in this forum and the Beta testers who do a great Job in reporting all the Problems although they are ignored 95% of the time.

  2. This is, what i would call the “Car mechanic tactic”

Everytime i Go to a Car mechanic for a check Up, i’m angry that I’ll have to pay 100 Euros for them to make some crosses on a list while probably having a lunch Break on my backseat.

Most of the Times i get a call from the mechanic, telling me there are at least one or two expensive parts that need to ne replaced and the total cost will be 800+ Euros while the repair will Take 5 more hours.

So i spend the entire day being even more Mad, knowing that i will have to pay 800+ Euros for this f***ing Car.

But when i get there, they will Tell me that they Had some way cheaper spare parts left and where much quicker than expected so the total cost is only 300 Euros.

And then i leave the Car mechanic, totally happy that i only payed 300 euros when i actually was angry in the first place that i would have to pay 100 Euros.

So this could be the plan here too. Nobody wants a 2nd Limit Break. Nobody wants to wait for another Ether Quest every months and getting a 5* ether every three months from Tournaments you cant compete anymore and wars with stupid Rules Like Rush…

So introducing a 2nd aether would make people angry and unhappy anyway?

So, what could you do? You start testing a even Shi**ier version where you have to do Pulls for the unwanted 2nd aether on top, making them even more unpleasent and then you give some super OP effects on top that people definitley won’t Like.

People will be more and more angry and outrages about it all, but when you finally release it into live game, you Cut Out the stupid Portal to pull vor the ether, you Cut the effects in half while making it only Last 3 rounds or get rid of it entirley. Making it Essentialy the same es aether one but calling Alpha aether.

And people will then say, “wow, finally the Heard us and dropped the stupid Portal idea and made the effect not that OP (or canceled), i can totally live with that”

That way they introduced something nobody wanted in the first place but made it look good By “Hearing” the Community and make it not half as Bad as everbody thought it would be


I applaud your drive and perseverance. I can see where you are coming from but this game does not even belong to us, we players are merely tenants.

In the real world, if a tenant is not happy with the rental, and the landlord is not accommodating, the tenant will move on to another lodging. Unless that rental is really the last available unit in the entire world, which is unlikely to happen.

This game is not the only game in the world of mobile gaming. There are many options out there. Different genres. Different mechanics. Be open to change, try some, doors will open. It will not be an exact replacement. It can never be that.

It’s not as if this game is the equivalent of a necessary commodity: Salt. The induced scarcity, by way of taxes, caused wars and revolutions, rewrote history.

This is only a mobile game. It’s not the equivalent of Salt, not in any way.

I have mentioned elsewhere that the impact of 2LB will not be immediate. Based on Zynga’s planned release, It will take a while for the impact to filter through the many gameplay tiers. Maybe 2-3 months to start seeing some 2LB defence teams, or even as long as 6 months. Depending on the player’s luck at the Alpha Aether portal.

As @Cheds has posted, every player should decide for themselves whether to stay on the train or alight at their preferred stop.

I just cleared Tier 30 for the current POV. I will skip RT and Wars for now. Only doing what I feel like doing. Play events for completion rewards. I am unlikely to feel the impact of 2LB for awhile till Zynga launches harder and harder events that require 2LB heroes to complete.

I don’t know how long I will continue playing “casually”. It took me awhile to reach this stage but it’s a comfortable place for me.

The introduction of 2LB is a good time for concerned players to assess where they want to go with this game. 3LB and 4LB will certainly follow suit.

I leave you with this

If the rumour is true and proceeds to completion, it can only mean Zynga pushing increased monetisation, as expected.


Just here to see which players love the 2LB and everything else the beta team is against.


Players develop a deep emotional attachment to this game – I certainly have. I fondly remember the game as I initially discovered it. It was a simple yet intriguing game that could divert my attention for a brief time and rejuvenate for RL. I have now invested 5 years in it to develop my heroes to where they are today. Not much money, but a LOT of time. It makes it increasingly hard to let go.

But from Zynga’s perspective this game’s purpose is to make money. Zynga invested a LOT of money in buying the game, and they want a good ROI. They have decided that the best way to do that is to continually add new and more complicated elements to it, forcing an upswing in monetary engagement from the players. And that works for those players caught up in the competitive “be the best” nature we all share. I certainly strive to be the best that I can at the level I play. I just accept that level is well below the top. I have never had much of a monetary engagement with the game and with the trends of the last year I never will. The monetary engagement is now zero. I can honestly say that until the next gift your alliance offer :rofl:

The spiralling power creep in this game will continue as long as it keeps earning them money. And unfortunately I think beta has become simply guinea pigs for the in-house game metrics they use.


What @Cheds said. :smirk: And @BlackZed and @nevarmaor.


While I support constructive actions, suggestions, initiatives by both, SG & the players, I have a different take about the OP core theme = boycott and not-engage by collectively coming together (nicely put ) or ganging-up (as I see it) against new introductions that seem to scare the living-daylights of certain players !

Theoretically, the alpha-Aethers seem big stats boosters & combined with starting buffs that each L90 starts the play are an added nightmare… BUT…

  • This is a game for me… & I am amazed at the NEGATIVE reactions to anything new SG brings… which is quickly bucketed into money-grab / power-creep / unwanted … (Idon’t work for SG or am paid by them…actually I pay them :wink: & I am reducing it…not becoz I am angry…BUT… )
    so, SG is damned it it tries & damed if it doesn’t try…

  • Yes, SG will try to milk & make money, like all of us like to be compensated for the commercial efforts we put in… & let’s not get fooled by our free stuff-done to friends, family, closed ones, social service, social donations, etc…
    SG & player relationship is a commercial one …

  • The game doesn’t have to be easy-peasy …but as it’s pre-theme suggests… the game has to be tough & require effort - thinking - strategy to play it… Coz, I am bored of the auto - play talks - boasts & lack of challenge…

  • Yes, I too get frustrated, irritated & upset seeing the results go against me in Wars, events, quests, etc-etc-etc… But as I settle down moments later, I am also present to the fact that, this is what makes the game interesting …or else, I will lose interest & leave the game for another one…

  • So, while new introductions seem scary - irritating / frustrating / upsetting …& trigger the same old emotions … this is what is … as has been communicated by SG / developers / team thru the 5+ years of this game…

  • WHY so much pain - suffering - sorrow… at the obvious !!!

I am expressing my thoughts pertaining to the OP & not against anyone’s right to express on this forum…!

#Spend or #NoSpend#Play or #NoPlay#Stay or #Leave are personal options and not collective… which SG knows & so do ALL of us !!

Happy playing, bcoz, most of us will do that…& find a way forward !

Cheers !


Ditto: my dear @Pike Ditto :wink:


Like others, I applaud the initiative and the logic and writing behind this post. I think @Gwniver 's sentiments match mine the most closely, though. We simply don’t have the kind of influence it would take to stop this from happening.

I’m still mad that SGG wasn’t transparent about how the first LB was a done deal regardless of community feedback until after it was already implemented. They finally owned up to that in an AMA. But trying to lead the fight against them cost us a great forum mod (@Guvnor ). I dont’ want to see the same thing happen to you. The 2LB is coming, in some form.

Much gratitude to the beta testers who are doing their dead-level best to make sure this isn’t any more painful than it has to be, but it is coming regardless. I do not have the patience to do what you beta testers do, knowing that all my work on testing and crafting well-written feedback is worth about as much as used toilet paper in terms of the impact it seems to make on the final product. You folks are heroic in your continued efforts.

I will continue not spending real-world money on the game, and what little Google Play credit I earn and spend will go toward summoning heroes and buying roster space - as it always has. Aethers will come or they won’t. I’d rather level new heroes than re-level old ones anyway. 1LB has always been reserved for my top-tier heroes (relative to the rest of my roster) or for when I have no other worthy projects in a color. 2LB will be the same. If 2LB does make things like wars, W3K, and raids impossible, then the game will become so frustrating that I will leave it, I suppose. So far, I’m still able to raid into the top couple of hundred or higher with some regularity with my FTP roster. I definitely see the potential for that to change with 2LB, but I’m not certain it will, and I can’t be certain until it rolls out.


More information please. Is the skill vampric permanent? Will hetos like Alucard have it for just 4 to 6 rounds or forever ? If everything is 4 rounds its bad but not as bad . How about a list of what hero gwts what. Do all taunt heros including queen of harts get 4 rounds of taunt ? How do we know if a hero is getting what skill ?

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same here. 20 characters


Well, if the devs will go their current way, I don’t expect the LB4 coming. The game will not survive long enough.

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I have been expecting LB2.
I understand and accept it, even if I am not a fan. Hopefully that will make aethers much more available (not only from buying, but as loot), so you can get more heroes ready to actually warrant using LB2 at all.
It is as accepted.

But a portal for a summoning the LB2, and that passive for LB2 heroes both seem like horrible horrible ideas. Those have the potential to dwindle my spending to a drizzle…

We’ll see. I remember when everybody thought the magic heroes would absolutely break the game…

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I predict it will. I’ve said it before but there’s been at least 4 cataclysmic episodes in this games life where people drew red lines. And yet here a lot of people still are.

So I don’t believe it will die when LB2 comes out


This all would make some sense if we had aether reset tokens and a steady income of alpha aethers similar to aether III


+1 to these well-written and empathetic posts from @Gwniver and @Noble_Weasel :slight_smile:


I am at the point where I have a tough time on events that I used to be able to complete. And for me the odds of getting a good pull does not justify the cost so I am F2P after maybe $15 many years ago. I will continue to play because it is a good time waster and maybe with the fated summon and soul exchange I will be able to grab some hero’s that will allow me to play at a decent level.

FYI as a former app developer it would not be hard to scale events (not wars, etc.) to a player’s hero roster to make them fair and challenging for everyone.