An Open letter to the DEVS regarding nerfing Heroes

I agree with the frustration of having a heroes that you have just attained nerfed. I don’t agree with the logic that you of all people have been duped though. What about all the other people that has spent the money in what was supposed to be the best heroes and then the devs release a new hero much better than the ones they have? It becomes an impossible situation. If they didn’t nerf Athena it would have been a big slap in the face to everyone who has played and spent money already. Nerfing her would on the other hand be equally bad against the one who spent money particularly to get her.

The problem is obviously first and foremost that they never should have released a hero so terribly over powered in the first place. They just messed up.


This thread was made in regards to several heroes, she’s not the only one mentioned in the original few posts. But that’s what it became, as that’s the only action they took. The release was a botch job, but so was the original fix. A fix they won’t alter a second time despite our talk. What I hope to accomplish by continuing the conversation is pointing out their disastrous folly and deterring it from happening to this scale in the future.

As for better heroes being released, that’s the way the game is headed. P2W territory. That’s the second point that was made on this thread. They’ll always be releasing new and better things in order to keep the money flowing. All you can really expect is that you actually get the better hero that you paid for.


I think several things point to their commitment to the Free2Play community (the balance of Raid shifting toward lower players being one of them)…but are you really surprised that a BUSINESS is attempting to make money? Erm… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Of course not. But it’s a slippery slope. I won’t regurgitate my viewpoints having done so many times already in this thread, but I can definitely say I see the f2p less and less these days. Hero of the month alone is absolutely an escalation. As are these ascension item deals with phrases like “stay in the fight.” Taken quite literally, that strikes me as “buy this to remain competitive.” But I feel we’re getting off topic. I’m sure there’s a thread with this argument floating around somewhere already.

I was offered this deal but it cost $29.99 WTF

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Yes tempest, I agree that the direction of the game means that in time there will be new better heroes. It is a double edged since it might be irritating but also what keeps the game interesting. I would not be that surprised if they one day introduced 6 star heroes. In the same way it’s also expected that devs do small adjustments for balance and fixes “non intended features”. What I pointed out is how it becomes a problem when they send out heroes that are way more powerful than previously. Athena is an example since much of the game is about hitting titans and she made all other setups obsolete.

I think we agree, maybe just different perspectives. My main point is that the folly was committed when Athena was sent out, probabaly untested, in the first place. The nerf was just a forced changed to an already bad situation and in my mind completely expected.


That is the price in Canadian dollars.

Exchange rate kinda funny but that’s de rigeur in other games too when transacting in multiple currencies. I can’t fault this one as both the USD and CAD symbol is $, come to think of it I don’t know why both countries used the same symbol, seems awkward when not on a single currency.

Canada uses the dollar as currency too hence why the $ symbol. Do not tell Trump, he is sure to mess that up too!


Lol so will trudeu the pretty boy

that is very true but he is a tame boy compared to Trump

runs from political discussion like a vampire from sunlight



Trump, Trudeau? New heroes coming next update? Do you know if blue or red? I really need a new red hero.


Oh I sincerely hope not Evan lol

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Ok, now that was funny. :grin:


Lol thats funny America and Canada blue and red lol


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Bonjour j’ai u un gros bug sur la quête oeuf de paques plus possible d’avoir le mélange couleur pour finir le niveau obligé de faire un abandon j’ai fait un screen shoot pour justifier le bug merci de me répondre.

Actually if you level up the troops that are supporting your hero’s in battle be it titan or raid. When matching your 3 of a kind or 4 of a kind… you need to level up your troops and you will see that your attacks will grow stronger. I hope this helps.

hi i am empires and puzzles player for a good 7or 8 months and i didnt stopped playing it since then,i like it and its my most playes game since who knows how much on my phone…its that good that i reccomended it to my friends and in which 2 of them started playing and i still reccomend it,but i cant think i cant play it anymore because i place my time and effort into nothing…i grind those 300 gems just to take a decent nature hero i grind a whole month and a half and wait for a elemental nature summon to activate it and to get a Belith which i have already in my normal summon daily…i didnt get mad i grainded again for a month and a half,and waited elemental summon again to get a nice hero and i waited 2 days to pass the fire then frost then holy and it finally came the nature and i got that fat Tuck as a herro and i started to rage a bit but ui said it cant happen again so i started to grind again inlevel up i play day by day to get those 300 gems and wait for that nature summ again and it finaly got it agter a half of the year waiting i pressed the summ and of all those good heroes i got Belith AGAINNNNN…i cant play like this anymore sorry…so i begg you to read this and at least come on my side and send me any other nature hero besides TUCK AND BELITH because i cant do this anymore sorry…i made this today just for you to read so plz help me

By Odin’s Hammer Small Giant Games: give this player 5 Aifes so he can have a WALL of green AoE as a reward for pooping out a right proper WALL of text! :wink:

Just kidding. I get what you mean. I waited for 7 or 8 months to get another proper purple 4* hero besides Rigard. Which is a far better position than you have at green, and I still feel your pain.

You’re spending 300 gems at a time for the summons? That’s painful slow going. This game isn’t that generous to it’s free players.

Best of help I can give you, is to advice you to get your training camps up to lvl 13 or even better lvl 20, those green 4* or even (if you’re lucky) 5* heroes -will- eventually come from those. The training camps are the free player’s lifeline! Odds at 4* and 5* without spending diamonds! Upgrade them up the wazoo, feed them recruits, keep them running 24/7 and give it time. Loads of time.

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