An Open Letter to the Devs Regarding Mercs

Dear Development Team,

I am contacting you out of shock and disbelief in what you have done with this update in regards to the ability to merc within the game. I understand your desire to limit a players ability to the amount of loot and titan kills they receive, but the manner in which you did that fails on all levels! Instead of implementing timers on those items you wished to limit, you have made it so you have to be in the alliance at titan spawn in order to attack. I guess you did not like the fact there was a good size portion of your gaming community that enjoyed helping their fellow players? Because that is what merc’ing was about for me! It’s always been about being able to bounce around and help random alliances in need and along the way getting to meet 100’s of new people! The community is what is keeping players playing this game, not the amazing game aspects! It was never about the crappy loot I received for killing the titan, truthfully 99.9999999999999% of the time I get better loot from farming the map on auto attack!

I take the risk of sounding egotistical here, but here are other ways in which my ability to merc has affected the game. As someone who is probably in the game more than 99% of the rest of the players, I’ve been able to join dozens upon dozens of alliances and meet their members which has provided invaluable insight to numerous people looking for a good alliance in your global chat. I had the ability to steer them towards alliances that I knew firsthand were active and full of great people from an objective viewpoint. Another thing that has come from my merc’ing is numerous people who were in alliances that I helped are all the sudden joining in conversations in global chat and being more comfortable there! Like I said, I’m not trying to be egotistical as arrogance is simply not me, but the fact remains when you have someone extremely active in global chat that is willing to join an alliance to help them and get to know those members while they are there, it makes people that might not be as outgoing feel more comfortable in a global chat setting.

Those are just a few of the things that you have wrecked in this update, I didn’t even touch on what it meant to alliances to have mercs help them! I am asking them to reach out to you and provide you that feedback themselves!

I would like to know where and how you came up with the decision to do what you did. I don’t want some canned copy and paste reply…I want a direct and candid response! I also want to know what you are going to do to fix this mess you’ve created as it clearly was not the best way to address what you saw as an issue. If your plan is to do nothing, then I ask you to refund me all money I have spent on this game. I happily spent my money based on the fact that I enjoyed the game play and planned on playing for a long time. You’ve changed that with this update. I’m sorry, but you cannot sell someone one thing and then completely change it after they’ve paid.

Thank You For Your Time,



I wholeheartedly agree with Bah. As the leader of a small but active alliance having the ability to call in a ‘big hitter’ ie a merc, when we have thrown everything at a Titan, is invaluable. It restores their faith in their abilities and gets them excited to progress to a level where they can cope without help.
These guys (Mercs) have a lot of experience and game knowledge, they support the game and the players.
There are other, far more effective, ways of putting limits on loot etc, this is not the way.
It will have an incredibly negative effect on the players within the game…which is essentially your bread and butter. I suggest you review this decision


Fully agree.

What set this game apart from many others when i started about 5 months ago was the helpful community. For any question you had you could go to global chat and ask people. With global chat having seen better days, mercing was a way for people to still experience a ‘community’ feeling. I loved going into other alliances to help hit and help people with their line-up, answering questions about the game or trying to help them improve their titan hit strategy. Now that this aspect is also done, I don’t think there really is any ‘helpful’ community left.

If you wanted to stop the amount of people who do for the loot, it could’ve been done in a far easier way (and even people who disliked the mercing aspect agreed with me on this): actually deliver on your previous promise that people get better loot from stronger titans.

Pretty sure this is useless and won’t be turned around - but would like to at least know why you chose for this solution instead of many other better solutions.


I’ve really enjoyed the idea of Mercs, for the most part. It’s a nice stopgap for inevitable alliance turnover. I think what you do is admirable and integral to the community, Bahahaha.


I’ll be honest, my alliance doesn’t use mercs anymore. But for a while it was invaluable. The assistance my alliance received was more than just help with the Titan. Usually, the person that would join in to help was a more experienced player that was able to give advice to us that helped with all aspects of gameplay.

Eventually, my alliance was able to take off the training wheels and fend for ourselves, but in the beginning while battling the earlier Titans, we needed that extra help and boost that we received using mercs.

I truly believe that taking this away, will hurt the community way more than help in any way.


I agree with Bahaha. My team WeAreGroot is a fairly new alliance and without the helps of mercs we are unable to kill 4* titans anymore (we get close but without more members joining us it wont be possible). We have taken L’s from 4* titan before and that is okay but mercs give us hope that we can defeat the 4* titans too.

The advice we got from these experienced players aka mercs when they visited our alliance was invaluable. Them helping us out built a sense of community. With the recent change you have killed a large social aspect of this game. As he mentioned mercs have led a few players to our team and we are thankful for that.

We had the honor of Bahaha’s final (hopfully not) merc hit be with our team and we thank him for that.


To me as a former leader of an alliance. Mercs help with guidance out weighed the help with Titans. What you did shows that you loss touch with your customer base .


I agree with all said so far here. I’ve so far never complained once about any previous changes, or broken promises, but on this occasion, I’m truthfully disappointed and pretty angry… in less than a minute it took to update today , you’ve taken away the biggest enjoyment this game held for myself and many others. . It always was about social connection and helping each other , not for any extra rewards, as we all know they’re few and far between. I’d just like to know, whoever thought this was a good idea ? Because, honestly this game is quickly becoming just another match 3 advert break entertainment…


I’ve only been playing the game a month and have been through two updates that drastically changed the game in ways that may have benefitted some, but left a good portion of your spenders disappointed to the point they left.

It shows by your lack of knowledge and updates that you are only asking a small demographic what they would like to see anged or improved.

I enjoy learning the ground work of being merc. I agree that mercing is hands down one of the best ways to connect with so many different people around the world. Its stifling stay in one spot, and when alliance cry out for help, we all team together to help take it down.

Alot of players believe that we in and get this amazing loot and the people in the alliance get nothing. I disagree! I crap loot but i walk away knowing 3 or 4 more people that day.

You have stripped a merc. You could of asked your entire community, instead of a small choosen few. I will not give another dime this game until you seriously evaluate your entirw player base. I have seen many games disappear because of developer arrogance. Dont sign your games fate by a chosen few.

Ssincerely TW


I wholeheartedly agree with what’s being said here as well. A traditional alliance setting isn’t for everyone. I have done both and prefer having a home but doing this is sad indeed for those smaller alliances that cannot get their titans killed. The mercs have been helping more than hurting and it saddens me you’d cave in and shut it down. I realize you had some big spending players complaining but you’ve shown time and again you really dont mind upsetting them at all. The loot wasn’t that great, maybe a good item or two a week at best. Why mess with that e&p?


I agree with Bahahaha’s letter as well. I am not a Merc, not have I been but Mercs have helped my alliance to kill our Titans before we became strong enough to do it without the help of Mercs. I see them as the friendly glue that holds this game together. They make the game more interesting and much more fun to play. This update has taken the fun out of the game for a lot of people who have spent money on this game. Is their money not good enough for you?


Agree with the above posters.

The perceived “unfairness” could have been regulated in other way, for example

  • Timer on titan chest
  • Max number of titans killed per day
  • Better loot for higher titans
  • Correlate loot to # of titan hits
  • Any number of other smart ways people think up

The reasoning behind this unannounced change would be very welcome. Because now it just feels like a poorly thought through counter-weight to the decreased titan timer.


There are many positive benefits to having Merc’s in the game that seem to have been trivialized. The social aspects, and spread of expertise and education to greater groups of people have allowed the Merc’s to become an essential fabric of the game.

Merc’ing gives senior players something to do, the enjoyment of logging in every hour to see if there is someone to help, and the ability to swing in, save the day, and impress others with how strong your team is. There are boards outside of this game in slack and line where people go to find Merc Work, and discuss game strategies. Merc’s don’t really care about the titan loot, it is commonly really really bad. It is about going in and saving the day, and having fun. As you will read from other posts, people appreciated the benefits of Merc’s helping them out.

I do not understand the negatives to Merc’ing, and I am sure their are, and the Developers had a debate about the changes, but what they did not see, is that this was not ‘an’ aspect of the game, it was ‘the’ game for so many. You did not eliminate a function of the game, you have kicked out a massive portion of your players.

The World Map levels are fairly monotonous, and limited, and Merc’ing gave us something to do beyond the levels. Perhaps if you released about 300 more levels, with various twists, storylines, and subplots, it would be interesting, but you have none of that in this game; you HAD Merc’ing to keep us all here.

Today’s release show that you truly don’t understand the players, the game, what it has naturally evolved into. Why eliminate a major portion of your user base who spend money on this game. I am disappointed that you would kick us out of the game, for doing nothing wrong and helping many.


I totally agree with everyone… With playing this game for only a couple months now not knowing the strategies behind I was just playing because of the puzzle part in the past week of actually going through the game and meeting new people and learning some much behind it. I created a new alliance and got hit with my first Titan I began fighting it solo but once I was out hits. I didn’t know what happens next because you can’t buy more refills so waiting for it to regain itself takes forever and by then the Titan would have gotten away. So going into global chat asking for help and what to do next I had a team of Merc ready and willing to help out once we defeated the Titan. They left me with some awesome advice and a great way to meet new people. To wake up this morning jumping on and seeing I got hit with a second Titan once I use up all my hits went on GC to ask for help. I was told no Merc can’t help anymore cause of this new update. So I lost out on all my hits and BAM my first Titan gotten away. I was truly disappointed with this updated… #FREEEEE THE MERC’S


Full agreement with everyone above.

The only thing that has impressed me about this game is the community that it has spawned. With out the “mercs” bouncing around helping new players and alliances its just like any other dissapointing rpg.

Your community of players makes it interesting.


I would like to personally start with this is obviously a way to get everyone to quit the game, that they all so much grew to love. First off, Mercs do not do this for the loot, because we all know it’s not worth anything, secondly, when your restore energy at five hours from all hits, not consecutively as it should be so as if you hit when energy is full you should have full energy again in six hours, not one six hours then another six another energy, even with heavy hitters in an alliance you make it almost impossible for alliances to kill the titans that actually challenge them in the first place, is the object just to have every titan escape or kill it so fast there is no enjoyment. The point and purpose everyone has to the titans is a challenge, and you have furthermore given so many more reasons to not want to stay in this game. The mercs are WHAT MAKE THIS GAME…You have totally nerfed everything from the hard hitters to the big spenders and now your taking away there ability to help the others as well. I totally agree with the letter from Baha and am truly disappointed in what you have done to UPDATE AND MAKE BETTER, YOU CLEARLY HAVE MADE THIS A JOB AND SUCKED THE FUN RIGHT OUT OF IT. I am totally disappointed in these efforts to make it a better game, as you continue to disappoint us all. I too request all monies I have spent on this game and no longer wish to play if this is the way you continue to update the game, it’s continually getting worse, NOT BETTER. thanks for your time.
HarleyQuinn aka H3LLZ1ANGEL


The merc killing is a big mistake to the game sorry to say but true. By limiting them you have doomed a lot of players and alliances new and old. Ok some say it’s unfair I’m guessing but to 1000s of players it is not we get a lot more from merc if you would look at the whole picture. So they get a few more low rewards so what to me they bring lots of info on the game they help us understand how to play. Merc are players that are stuck either they can’t ascend or have completed the province but instead of leaving the game they chose to help others. They are always there in a flash to answer all are questions in chat ( where are you) so they do much more then just take loot. They keep the game interesting . it is only because of merc that i still play the game along with 4 of my family members and i bet their are a ton of others that feel the same way.
I’m guessing some have said what they do is unfair but how is it. If what they do is unfair then people spending money on the game is unfair so we need to kill that too. Buying items is unfair also get rid of it. I see killing merc as" biting the hand that feeds us per say." i see merc as the game they chose to help others instead of leaving to loose them is a very big mistake but you have taken everything from them. I have really enjoyed this game because of them but like them nothing left to do so will most likely leave with my family ( who til now had deep pockets) but no point reaching into them no more you have taken the fun from the rush when a merc comes in to save the day. I hope you can find a way to help them before it’s to late. Thank you for your time. P.s. can we get our $700 and change back if merc are unfair then my family spending money was unfair so i think it only fair to give back everyones money.


Your update today is extremely disappointing, Mercs to me are the glue that holds this game together. I chose to join an up and coming alliance, so we could grow and develop as a friendly group, Mercs for me are xn integral part of this progression. The help they bring in not only defeating a titan is a knowledge and experience, that is vital for an up and coming alliance. They add some excitement when your searching and asking for help for a game that can be quite slow at times. They also create a togetherness and a community feel, helping to form friendships, which surely as game developers that’s what you strive to have. This update has effected in my mind the most important players in this game and you need to look seriously into this change and think about the implications it could have ( lots of players leaving)
Regards stevetheninja


I’d really like to know the rationale of the devs for removing Mercing. I note that we’re supposed to get better loot in the provinces, and a faster refill of alliance flags.

Maybe this was thought to offset all the intangible benefits of Mercing, I don’t know.

But I’m deeply disappointed in the decision and waiting to hear the reason. :worried:


Dear Sirs,

I enjoy Empires & Puzzles when it is convenient, and had no desire to belong to an alliance that required me to participate, either in chat or in daily dragon slaying, so I joined a very small, open alliance where I could come and go as I pleased, merc when I wanted, and just enjoy the game. I logged in Tuesday to see a message from the leader saying to, “Be active, hit hard, and have fun.” And that she had to log out for good.

So now, I am Leader of a tiny little alliance and I am not requiring anything from anyone except kindness to others.

We can handle a three-star alone, usually, but


Please, please PLEASE reconsider how your update change regarding mercenaries will affect our small guild.

Thank you for your consideration in this matter.

Reginacide, The Reluctant.


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