An Open Letter from Isgilham [Poem, Art]

Morning folk’s,

Here’s another effort. Thanks for all the kind reviews :grin:

Dear visitors to Isgilham,
How are you today?
Enjoy the gorgeous scenery,
And do enjoy your stay.


Please, please don’t harm the frost wolves

They’re actually very rare
How many creatures can you name with frozen ice-blue hair?
And the college at Correllia
Had now produced a theses
Declaring that these gentle beasts
Are an endangered species.

But every season
Gangs of thugs
Travel to our land
To hunt the gentle frostwolf
Even though it’s banned!

They corner lovely pups and cubs
Simply to abuse them
Apparently it’s for a game
They play just to amuse them.

So, no more!
Get out, get lost
This is beyond a joke
Your province 8/7 loyalty card
Had finally been revoked.

No more spells and no more swords, you’ve had your final warning.
And may we add that Burning Strike
Just adds to global warming?!

So just forget Mai’s Farming Guide
It’s advise can be ignored
Go find somewhere else to grind.
Signed The Isgilham Tourist Board


Priceless!! :joy::fireworks::clap::clap::clap::clap:


Love it! 20 characters

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I love it !!!
20 char

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turns her ice wolf cloak, takes her 4100 power team and slinks off to 12/9