An offer for Mystic Rings please

Dear Devs,
Can you please make an offer that includes Mystic rings? hunting them for a few months now and except of Mount Umber even cannot get even one from 9-10* titans/elemental chest so far.

Thanks :slight_smile:

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Yes, me too. And eight*titan won’t even drop these. I was hoping to see you want to purchase in the little two week summer special that you ran… But alas… No mystic rings

telescopes here please.

Any more requests? Speak now or forever hold your peace.

There is the army pack offer, which seems to occur monthly, (and I just realized this) on the Saturday during a challenge event. It seems to cycle through colors, and have the 4* mat, the 3* mat, a 3* troop, and a couple trainers in the color of the month.

If it hasn’t been red for a while, red is probably coming up.

Hi all, I know this is an old thread but hey saves merging right.

I haven’t seen rings in over 3 months other than in a special offer at $159.00 once and a rare titan which was unobtainable for us but still that’s only twice in 3 months.

I have 4, 5s waiting on rings and a couple more rising up and at 6 each taking into account in the last 6 months I have only received 1 which in it’s self took a few months to appear these 5 heros will never ever get levelled before this game has done it’s course and died out by the time I get to level even 1 or 2. I currently need 24 plus 2 coming, that’s 36, REDICULOUS not getting any at all in the game considering so many are needed.

DARTS, Globes and I am sure I missing some are in the same category.

Please provide more of these ascension items on at least fortnightly bases so that we actually get a chance to use these hero’s this decade.


Go look and get it now!

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