An Ode to the Fallen - for those who lose and fight again!

Another suggestion by @Rook

Spare a thought for the heroes you send to perpetual war!!

The scene is set before us
Familiar as the sun
That sets upon our fallen heroes
Each and every one.

The flags we flew for each attack
Lie bedraggled in the mire
Amongst the shattered swords
And the shields eclipsed by fire.

The only soul bearing witness
A misfit midst the purge
Is the carrion-craving Rook,
Her song a mourneful dirge.

Thirty heroes, thirty times
Plunged into the fray
Yet despite their gallant fight,
None live to see the day.

Some were felled by the giant chop,
Some by Helish crush
Others skewered by a focussed shot
And 'Stiltskin’s royal flush.
Burned alive and crushed by vines
All advancing in their lines.
Cross the bridge and meet the foe
Eye to eye and toe to toe.

How many times
Do we face defeat
Before we contemplate retreat?
A thousand? Nay
A thousand more?
There is no end to total war.
So raise aloft colours sublime,
The war drums beat out marching time
Our heroes step in unflinching rhythm,
Despite the broken algorithm…



A bard you are. I’m contemplating some of the lines’ utter truthfulness!

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another magnificent ode… thanks be to you and @Rook!


She’s just awesomesause on so many levels!

I love her word choices. :wink:


Oh well done gifted wordsmith!
Thank you!

I think she’s a he. I vaguely remember a comment about a young daughter changing the name

Well remembered :wink:

Perhaps one day I shall gather 500 gems and reveal my true form!

But I’ll probably throw them down the summons pit instead…


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