An Ode to RNG

An Ode To RNG

Welcome, fellow poster,
to the RNG roller coaster,
the game we know as E&P,
stay long enough and you will see.

The mods will assure us,
there is no plot to lure us,
RNG working as intended,
your disbelief should be suspended.

When fighting titans of a reddish hue,
and you get no tiles colored blue,
that’s just the way it’s supposed to be,
that’s why they call it RNG!

You lose a raid you should have won,
pray for mats and you get none,
and all your summons you get nary
any single legendary.

“It’s not fair!” many decreed,
blaming it on corporate greed,
but in the end most all agreed,
Really Nothing’s Guaranteed.


This was the best thing I’ve read in a long time! Thank you!! :slight_smile:


Very well done. I like.


Bravo, bravo.

Can you put that in it’s own thread. Then I can add it to the library? It deserves more recognition.


I was debating earlier what to do with that, hang on a second.

UPDATE: @TGW this deserved not to be buried, I’ve moved it to its own thread, moved those other posts to the Venting thread, and pinned this for 24 hours. :raised_hands:


@TGW, now THAT was well worth the read!! Well done!!


Thank you, thank you. I’ll be here all night!

Or, well, I’ll be somewhere anyway. :smile:

I used to want to be a writer, but I decided I’d rather be able to eat and live indoors. :grin:


Cardboard boxes in the woods aren’t so bad, except for the bear, rain, insects and the dang WiFi is TERRIBLE!!


I’ve been pricing used shipping crates. A bit of foam insulation should make it comfy cozy. :grin:


Brilliant!! Put one on top of the other you have a low cost condo in the woods!!

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That’s what I was thinking! Just got to figure out the plumbing and electricity. Maybe I can convince one of the neighbors to let me run a garden hose and extension cord to their house. :grin:


Solar panels bro, just need to climb the highest tree!!! I imagine a nice satellite dish would work pretty well a 100 or so feet up too!
Living off the grid while being firmly attached to the grid? I don’t think this has ever been attempted before?

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If I ever do have a home of my own again, I’m definitely going to solar panel every square inch of it. :grin:

And on-grid off-grid living is actually one of my life goals. I don’t like living near other people, but I love the conveniences of electricity and internet and indoor plumbing and having a nearby grocery store.


I live in PA, down by the Delaware River. No neighbors. Driveway is about 500 yds long. It’s almost impossible to find my house even using GPS. It’s almost living at the beach minus the people.

P.S Backup generator is a must.


I like that idea. I’m in Ohio, been wanting a property like that, just don’t have the funds at the moment. It’s a long term goal. I’ll probably have to secure another one of those “steady” job-thingies first, unfortunately, before any bank would be willing to lend me the money.


I was never one for living 10 feet from my neighbor. Although most of my neighbors were cool, I still don’t need to wave at them through my living room window…


I’m currently living in an apartment complex. Half of my neighbors are cool, the other half I’m just hoping will get evicted eventually :laughing:

Not that owning a house in the suburbs is much better. My last house, next door neighbor was such a nuisance that I actually had to take him to court (and I won).


I’ve learned over he years how to our annoy those nuisance neighbors. Very bright security lights pointed at their windows are a start.

Security lights are good. I’m in an apartment so I don’t have that option, but I’m on the second floor. Whenever my downstairs neighbors annoy me, I just spontaneously decide to do jumping jacks at 3 a.m. :laughing:

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