An Ode to Raiding [Poem, Art]


As requested

Dear SG,
This is it
I want some recompense
Because it seems some times I lose,
Despite my massive bench

I’ve got Kiril, I’ve got Boril
And Leo? I’ve got him
And you wouldn’t want to fall foul of my full ascended Grimm!

Orcs and goblins, god’s of war
And Gandalf, sorry ‘Melendor’.
Every demon, every elf
All of them adorn my shelf

I’ve got Rigard in my rearguard
And Sartana to the fore
And in between is Boldtusk
With his mighty cry of war.

And there’s more beside that I could say
But this is just between us
That I’ve mastered colour stacking
I am a miltary genius

But when I awake each sunny morn
My horde of cups is all forlorn.
For, despite my cunning plan,
The cowardly thieves still steal my ham!

And please excuse my hissy-fit
When Wu Kong misses every hit
Negative affects, you see,
Should not be applied to me

I’ve spent so much cash and time
That endless wins are rightly mine

So please, SG,
Nerf every hero
Especially all those owned by Zero


Excellent!! Absolutely excellent!:clap::joy:

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Yes, this is very good stuff. Are you officially the game bard? I think so.



20 characters

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Ah, shucks Brobb. I’ll wait till at least tomorrow for another attempt. All things in moderation :wink:

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ROFL :slight_smile:

I love it! Well done indeed … and thank you for the smile that you put on my face :slight_smile:

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So only Zero’s copy of the cards will be nerfed right? LoL

Poor Zero! :grin:

More poetry please! (Please link your second one here, I love that one.)


Link as requested

I’m working on one for tomorrow :yum:

And happy anniversary


Oh well penned! Me thinks the forum has a new Bard.


Thanks. I’m not sure what the cake is for. It’s neither my birthday (though close) nor anniversary. Oh well, free cake! :grin:

May I move your thread to the poetry section? grins


@Rook - the cake says you joined the forum one year ago… so happy forum anniversary! :fireworks::tada:


Oh! Heh. I was thinking of game-join. How silly of me! :grin::grin::grin:

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Wow! Great stuff! Especially that last line, it’s going to be stuck in my mind for the rest of this week and I’ll just randomly giggle every time I remember it.


Today’s effort.

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