An Ode to Ascension Advice

Based on a true story, so feel free to advise accordingly…

I desire sage advice,
And so approach the forum
I’ll write my request in rhyme
In order not to bore them

A vexed dilemma,
Heaven forefend
Which mighty hero to ascend:
Is Proteus tool deserving?
Or fourth tier for Domitia?
It seems a shame to leave her benched,
I’d much rather unleash her
Or maybe Cyprian draws his sword
Riposte perfection - Deathbound Lord?
And then the one I question most -
Ameona, spectral, smiling ghost.
Her tile damage rated high,
A prize for having had to die.

So which to level, which to leave?
My inventory I delve
The trap tools in my treasure trove
Number nearly twelve!

Please forgive a brief post script
For the detail has the devil in
I have one more hero, in the queue
A brave heiress named Evelyn


For purple i like proteus. As far as domitita i think there are better purple 5* worth the tabbards but idk your spending habits or which purples you already have maxed

Like the rhyme btw. Interesting way to ask for advice lol maybe it’ll start a trend


No offence. Your rhyme (song) reminds me a bard from Asterix and Obelix :wink:



No offense when you compare me to Cacophonix?!?

He’s so bad they tie him to a tree!!!

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Proteus for sure. And I really like Domitia if you have the tabards. I wouldn’t max her ahead of Sartana, but I haven’t regretted maxing her ahead of Aeron.


Interesting because I’ve had aeron planned above domitia. Even when aeron domitia and sartana were my only 5* darks. What makes her so useful?

@Rigs I don’t have Zeline, so she is my 5* dispeller.


Nice i forget she even dispells. One of these days she might see some tabbards but feeling a bigger need for more 5* healers at the moment

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Proteus is a “no regrets” hero. Excellent in any application.

Domitia is the poor man’s Panther. Mine is parked at 3/70 but that’s because of an embarrassment of purples riches I’ve gotten lately. I only take a 5* to 3/70 if I’m seriously thinking about the final ascension.


Same here but doesnt mean they’re still not at the back of the line as using them at 3/70 does give me a better perspective on whether to max them or not rather than just reading the card.

Aegir for example. I would have maxed if i had just looked at his card and said “looks like a great hero” but after getting him to 3/70 i had a total change of opinion.

I also sit on 20+ in each 3* mat category so that is a bit of luxury on my end and not all are able to take every new 5* they get to 3/70 without shorting themselves on mats for someone better

I haven’t been lucky enough to get Panther either. No Hel, no Panther, no Guin, no Ares, no Alberich-■■■■-him.

I manage to hold diamond pretty well with Alasie, Marjana, Delilah, Sartana and Lianna. I have Isarnia 4/80, GM 4/30ish, Drake 4/75ish, Domitia 4/80 and Greg 3/70 for stacking, and a few others in the works


I really, really hate giving advice without knowing the rest of you roster.

Proteus works well at 4* 3.60, no reason not to level to 4* 3.60. If Proteus works well with your hero roster at 4* 3.60, and you don’t need a 5* purple instead, the trap tools go to Proteus.

Domitia is a “gen 1” hero and is out classed by many other current, and coming soon, purple 5*. Without knowing the rest of your 5* hero team, she can work at 5* 2.60 for war ( sort of an higher stat Tyrum ).

Gryphonkit, my wife, loves Cyprian on her five purple hero Diamond arena raid attack team, put Perfect riposte only offers reflect damage, no other secondary effects, so not a favorite of mine due to all the other great purple 4* heroes ( Rigard, Proteus, Merlin, Sabina, Tiburtus ).

Ameonna is rumored to get an interesting class in the update, but even if the rumors are true, she works as an “anti-reflect damage” hero, so very niche. Because she cannot be healed in Ghost form, she benefits the most going from 4* 3.60 to 4* 4.70, but being niche, offers the least utility for your 3* ascension items.

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That would be a very long poem…


I will help you write it.

[to the tune of “Major General” from Pirates of Penzance]

I am the model of a modern Forum Moderator,
I’ve information summons, raiding and Titan’s terminator,
I have a roster full of colors,
Domitia, a lady, Proteus, sort of fishy
Cyprian is in the armor, while Ameonna has been faded…

Yah. I am going to stop there.


:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: what a great start.

I might try to finish it

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Of all the Gauls, Cacophonix
Did not get the notion
That they had one fear incurable
By the druids magic potion

His songs would make the heavens weep
A rain deluge of sorrow
The tribe ever anxious
The sky would fall tomorrow

So when they feast and beer flows free
They tie the bard up to a tree

But Cacophonix had the final laugh
Though his songs caused much unease
For all the other gluttonous Gauls
Died of heart disease


Poor Cacophonix lol! Make Proteus unlesh his skill to make him keep silent for 3 turn

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