An Interview with Domitia, Magitech Loner

Domitia was surprisingly easy to talk to.
She went back and forth over Facebook Messenger and then we signed off with the promise of more. I think she may have more to say at a later date.

Tell us a little about yourself
I guess I’m normally pretty quiet. Keep to myself, prefer to stick to the periphery and shadows. If people are close to me, I protect them from saccharin BS in favor of a more realistic world view. I have no patience for the constant, boring struggle between ‘so-called’ good and evil. We’re all just myriad shades of gray trying to make our way through the black miasma of life. I don’t really think I’m interested in forming new relationships or even feel compelled to be in too many raiding parties. OH, I’ll merc from time-to-time. Girl’s gotta eat, y’know?

What was your childhood like?
I was never a child. LOL.
Created in a lab ala Wierd Science.
Or maybe I just don’t wanna talk about it.

Who is your greatest nemesis?
Overly religious types who try to suck the energy out of the room with their dogma.
Guin, Leo, Chao, Li Xiu, Neith… all pretty much aggravating and completely hypocritical.
I’m no fan of the Dark Lord but, c’mon, the lesser of the evil is dealing with the devil you know.

What are your thoughts on power-creep?
It ain’t worth nothin without the juice to power your stuff. You can buy friendship and hire a crackalackin mercenary team… only to be skunked by the forces-that-be, suddenly Wilbur and Caed send you packin early.

Anyone special in your life?
Obviously, I’m a bit of a loner, so the question doesn’t surprise me. I have eyes, the capacity for passion, curiosity and crushes… Just keep my business… my business, feel me? Besides, I always feel that’s a judgy question that always feels misogynist even if it isn’t meant that way. Yeah I do my thing, just don’t feel the need for others to know.

You know I have to ask, but are you the uhhhh Dominant one in the relationship, when you are?
I’m not a dominatrix, you perv. Mind ya biz.

Sorry. Sorry. If you had one message for your creator, what would it be?
Introduce more techno-wizardry and try not to pretend it’s all dark magic ForFreyaSake.
I mean, we’ve got Quintus… and me… and… and… yeah that’s all I got.
For real? Let’s light this up! I once saw a gerbil in a power-mech run by quantum energy. Don’t know his name. Of course… I COULD have been high. Still rockin’ idea anyhow.

Rumor has it that you were against wearing costumes, what changed your mind?
Dude, you find a pair of jeans that fit just right, you’re not eager to put some OTHER thing on. Plus, my boots, c’mon they’re DOPE. The new threads are alright, but threatens serious camelus tarsalus if you follow.
Anyway, I was threatened with an early retirement so I originally felt I had no choice. Besides, they let me choose the makeup and I kinda dig the vampy-look and upgraded gear. It all worked out I guess.

Finally, what is your favorite song?
I’d have to say “Life is Pain” by Luxt
Maybe Demons by Starset as a close second

This has been enlightening, Domitia. Thanks for your time. Any parting words?
This has been a little fun I guess. Better than an Ouija board in a graveyard, at least.

Keep it on the level and scandal-free.
Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar
Sometimes the jeans are just comfortable
Sometimes someone is pretty for their benefit, not yours.

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another good read. I wish i could write so well


Thank you :slight_smile:
I’m just having fun, glad someone enjoys it!


Thanks. It’s interesting how much your portrayal meshes with what I had in my own mind


It’s fun to do these. Sometimes the characters just ‘pop’ off and write themselves.


Hah, what a great read, I can totally imagine her saying these things. Do you have more interviews with other heroes?

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Thank you!! have written a few things.

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Wooow, I know how I’m spending my afternoon then :smiley:


Nicely done!

Now before you go and speak for them all…

Thank you for the suggestion @PeachyKeen


Solid work. I like it! You should cut this and make it its own post, then link to it here so it doesn’t get lost in this thread. (it deserves its own recognition)

I don’t mind if people get to a hero before I do. :slight_smile: Whatever inspires people to write is good with me.


I really enjoy reading this ! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
After so many unhappy and disappointing topics and posts on the forum lately , your stories are the type of topics that brightens the day!
Please keep the great work up! :hugs:


Thank you for reading and letting me know you enjoy it.

And you’ve now discovered my ulterior motive. Inject a little more levity and fun in the forum, fight fire with fun.


Been trying to do the same, appreciate the assistance. Though my particular brand of humor might be a bit too harsh or offensive for some. I could always resort to G-rated “dad jokes”, though they’re equally as cringey.


Oh, it is hard not to venture into the risque for me when I get in the flow of writing. Plus, dirty jokes are often the funniest.


The personality you wrote for Domitia matches pretty dang well with the one I gave her for DnD. She’s quite the sassy techno-rogue, isn’t she?

Here’s the bio I wrote for her if you’re interested:

Domitia spent her early years in an elven community with her mother. Even her earliest memories are of being an outcast, having developed a disdain for the patient traditions of the elves in favor of a fascination with more crude forms of carpentry and technology. The only elven training she got any joy from was archery. A born markswoman, she was often found not only shooting at everything in her spare time but also attempting to modify her own bow and arrows with both tools and beginner’s magic; she even came close to re-inventing the crossbow before discovering that it already existed.

As soon as she was old enough to fend for herself, Domitia left her mother’s village to seek a community more welcoming of her human tendencies. The first ones to find her were a gang of bandits, who immediately took to her handiness, half-elven advantages, and knack for “sniping,” a word she particularly fancied. With each successful heist, she left the superficially valuable treasures for the rest of the gang, and instead claimed the most technologically and magically advanced rewards to satisfy her own passions.

After many years with the bandits, it became clear that there was no way to hide her growing superiority complex. Domitia was convinced that she was doing the most work for the group by far and there was no logical reason she was not the one giving the orders. Meanwhile, the rest of the bandits began to live in fear of her and secretly made plans to leave her behind when they got the chance. An unbalanced fight broke out, forcing Domitia to abandon her life as a valued member of the group… though not before claiming the lives of several people who once considered her a friend.

She continued in the bandit lifestyle on her own, until one of the travelers she robbed offered her a better option: track down and kill someone in exchange for access to closely guarded crafting secrets of a gnomish clan. It was then that Domitia found her way to a career as a hired assassin. Word quickly spread about her dangerous talents in sniping and weaponry - not unrivaled, but certainly unique. She established a sort of private business, though she often turned down offers of wealth in favor of services, information, and materials. By using her craft as a bargaining tool, she was able to develop it further than ever, constructing magic bolt after magic bolt to serve her purposes. Though she is still very much alone in her life, her notoriety and her devotion to her inventions have convinced her that she truly needs no one.


Love it. All your interviews are great, but this one…I can relate.

This is freakin’ awesome dood!