An interface bug in the game

DropMeFiles – free one-click file sharing service the game in bluestacks ( has an interface bug - it’s starting normally, but at some moment all objects in the game are dissapearing (because of my mouse clicking).

The game doesnt officially support Bluestacks as far as I know.

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They are losing a part of market (a part of players), maybe in future their opinion will be changed

Not saying they wont fix it, just that they dont officially support it.

But if it boils down to putting resources into supporting Bluestacks, or putting those resources into developing game content. My vote is for game content. Always.

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who knows how it will be…

Like others have clarified above I doubt you will get any support from SG on this issue. Anyways Here is the official response from SG on blustacks and ilk. Good luck :+1:


Thank you everyone, guys. I understood the position of the developers.

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