An important aspect of the game! Alliance members

Often I see players who jump from alliance to alliance. This especially affects the alliance events war and the titans.

I would like to complement the game with such a rule - a player who joined the alliance could not participate in alliance events for 3 or 7 days (at the discretion of the admins and the players who voted). Thereby balancing the game War alliances and the titans.

This rule was added at my request in another game. After adding it to the game, the players began to better consider which alliance to enter. And those players who are also member of the alliance before leaving the alliance began to think if in this sense! Thus, the composition of the alliance has become more stable and more active!

The game is not made to members of the clan were slaves of Alnyas by activity. They are made in order to combine interest players!

This rule will make the game even more interesting!


Players that join an alliance during prep are already barred from that war.

Players that hit more than 1 titan in 20 hours only get a chance of good loot for 1st titan, nerfed loot for any titans hit after that

Titan chests have a 12 hour cooldown when a player leaves an alliance

Player’s war chest participation resets to 0 when they leave an alliance

Players that join an alliance after a rare titan spawns are barred from recieving the bonus rare mat loot drop

And now you want to add another rule???



Agreed, changing alliance is already heavily penalized. Ok, we’ve lost a few vultures, but noble mercs are a thing of the past

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Are you satisfied with the players who jump from alliance to alliance? Most of the players are

interested in the permanent membership of the alliance! This rule will reduce jumpers to zero!

Thereby will form an alliance with regular players.

What will it be bad for you?

Or are you one of those who love just jumping from alliance to alliance?

Then write at least 1 argument in favor of those players who jump from the alliance to the alliance

I love jumping from alliance to alliance when I’m taking a bit of a break from the game and not playing consistent enough to hang with the same team day in and day out.

Been playing a year, i have too many friends that i cant fit into 1 alliance. So for the past month or so i visited a lot of different ones and played along side players I’ve never played with before. Wars was the best part of those visits due to actually getting to play with the team as a whole and not just do my solo titan hits.

Think the big question is, what have individual players done to you that you want to push them from the game?

Btw I’ve never had an issue in our alliances with players jumping in then out of the alliance, if i have an extra spot and someone wants to temporarily fill it to smack a titan or fight a war, i look at it as extra flags for that titan or war. It’s a win/win scenario. Permanent alliance members come naturally, trying to force it only makes a leader sound like a dictator and most likely pushes players right out of an alliance.

Not every player fits in every alliance, so now you want to trap the 2 together for at least 3 to 7 days??

Do you think this will help recruiting in the mid and lower alliances? Because I’m 99% positive it will just make players that more cautious about which alliance they join, and they probably figure any alliance outside of the top 100 or even 200 will be their best bets for good alliances. Therefore recruiting will become 10x tougher for everyone else.

This idea sounds pretty selfish and not like an idea that is supposed to improve the game for everyone other than you


None of the arguments is valid! There are different chat rooms for communication, where you can communicate with different people! As for the clan war, I did not understand what you wanted to say. In the war of the clans, you can participate in any alliance.

About recruitment. I play another game, they added this rule at my request. After leaving the alliance during the day you can not go to another alliance. And After entering alliance during the week you can not participate in the events of the alliance. After the introduction of these rules, my alliance began to recruit members of the alliance 3 times faster and began to develop faster! Your arguments are empty, and I checked this rule in practice and I know that it only improves the game for ordinary players!

Right now yes i can participate in any alliance. But if i had to wait 3 to 7 days each time, it would take me forever to visit multiple alliances. And i have a permanent alliance so would just be another player caught in the crossfire of merc nerfs like many times before

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Chatting with, and playing with are 2 completely different things. It’s awesome to join a friend’s alliance and get to know their teammates and coordinate with each other in war and even participate in a war banter room if the opponents are friends as well. Sure we could just “chat” and probably somewhat have as much fun, but when you’re reliant on each other for a war victory or titan and can see each other’s performance outside of screenshots, it adds a dimension to that experience that cant be provided by chat rooms.

If you haven’t tried flying solo, you definitely should before just hopping on a public platform to bash it. As they say:

“don’t knock, until you try it”

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again you are talking about chat nonsense! Just chatting with friends for this is a general chat. Communication about the war of the alliance, you can chat alliance, since you are in the alliance! You are confusing 2 things: simple communication and communication about the war. Regarding the war of alliance, you can communicate only in the alliance where you already participate in the war of alliances!

Your statement

“don’t knock, until you try it”

just applies to you. I tried this rule in practice, but you did not!

What good would come from banning new members from titans and wars for 3 to 7 days?

That’s that much longer that you go with less than 30 members in war. That much longer you have less hits on titans. Most alliance’s goal is to achieve both of those as soon as possible. This is the first time I’ve heard a player want to prolong those goals and have alliance members be place holders instead of participants.

If you dont want teammates to participate in titans or wars, there are plenty of dead alliances out there that are exactly like that

Wrong. It’s called Line my friend lol. Can post videos, screenshots, etc etc. Start a room to chat with opponents. Very useful resource for game info and pass time bs with select people rather than public in game rooms that are just a headache or only the 30 people in your alliance

You’re right I’ve always encouraged participation, never the opposite. Actually 100% participation is a requirement in our alliances.

If a player joined my team and didnt hit the first titan(depending on time remaining), or didnt participate in the first war(depending on if they joined before matchmaking or not) i would boot immediately, no questions asked

This rule will give players to think about whether it makes sense to jump from an alliance into an alliance, or stay in an alliance!

If you jump from alliance to alliance, it does not mean that you are the voice of all players!

Stop arguing about this!!!

So far you have not shown more than one real argument in favor of the jumpers!

If you want to continue spamming, I will ask the moderators to block your forum, since you can’t call your messages apart from spamming!

Have a good day!

Lol not spamming and every post is topic related. You’re just venting out of frustration.

Individuals visiting alliances is a win/win for the individual and the alliances

Individuals losing out on loot for 3 to 7 days when they join an alliance is a lose/lose for them and the alliance

If you want “permanent” members in your alliance, then you want them to progress as much as possible which means you want them to have as many chances at good ascension mats as possible, correct?

3 to 7 days without mats could very well cause them to miss out on key items that could put them back a month or more in progress, therefore hurting you and the alliance.

I still have yet to see a benefit from such rule


If you post on a forum, you’ll have to expect people to disagree with you, it doesn’t mean they are spamming.

I am not a merc and have not really used mercs (we had some visit when we had spots to both enjoyment), but I don’t think your idea is any good either. If I recruit a new player, I’d like them to hit the titan, not have to wait 3 or more days.


Btw i never claimed to be the voice of all players.

And I’ve spoken from both sides, alliance leader and “individual visitor” so idk how you think I’m trying to be biased in my replies.

Provide empty arguments to argue that this is spam! Or do you consider littering the topic with empty words or avoiding the topic of conversation is not spam?


Which post wasnt topic related or directly related to a response from the creator of the thread?

I’m chalking this up as W in my E&P debates log btw. So far i have a winning record

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Hi @DarkRider

I’m 100% with @rigs on this one (ow! Stop twisting my arm). His comments are on topic and in line with forum rules.

We have an alliance family and leaders move between alliances to help out junior players.

Plus we have friends that visit between wars and titans.

People joining and leaving is a very minor frustration if you have a decent and stable group of players, I can’t see how it’s an issue.

And, very importantly, I want to judge a players team and ability quickly and that means watching their titan and war results.


I have experienced the frustration of a player joining, then jumping back out quickly. Usually it’s just a “what the heck just happened?” moment. But if they leave after being counted in war matching it can really hurt the group. I also know the feeling of being in an alliance that nowhere near lives up to what you were promised when you were recruited, and you know fairly quickly that it is not a good fit for a variety of reasons.

I wonder about perhaps a cap on number of alliances a player could join in say a 24 hour period? As others pointed out, there are already some things a player gives up or gets delayed when moving.

I also understand there are multiple alliances that are part of a larger family starting with beginner/training alliances and then move up as they grow their skills and teams. So moving is part of the natural progression of those groups.

Trying to see both sides, with so many individuals and group dynamics that come into play it isn’t always easy to find the right one. Also players progress at different rates, and may feel an alliance is moving too quickly/slowly for their comfort level and enjoyment of the game.

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