An imbalance in the food source…

I am starving…. My farms just can’t keep up… Iron is booming though, I have all my buildings maxed, don’t need any more items that require iron. I wish I did because I’m maxed out and my mines are full.

Please, please let me boost or buy food with iron… I spend enough on heroes and slots, just a wish…


So true. Once you have all buildings maxed you have more metal than the 80’s LA Glam Rock scene!


I tried. Posted a request for the earlier QnA. Turned down as it would affect the “game economy”.

I converted my advanced mines back to ordinary mines. Then let them freeze once they reach max storage: they turn yellow.

I converted one mine into my HL.

I only have to manage iron from WT. that’s doable.

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While not a perfect solution, there’s an untapped food source in most people’s pockets: raid flasks.

If you reroll for 20k+ ham and win more than half of your raids, you can essentially trade each raid flask for 100-150k ham if you dedicate the time.

It has the side effect of temporarily pushing you into top100 cups, but all it takes to reset is to leave the game for 5 minutes.


I converted one iron mine to the Hero Academy. In addition, I’m using iron to train troops in the Hero Academy (running HA4 for 2* troops and HA10 hoping for a shiny new non-season 1 hero) and crafting anything that consumes iron on a daily basis. Yet the iron continues to overflow. I agree with the OP there should be more alternatives to spend iron…

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The base idea of iron is to build your base. Outside of that, to craft some battle items. Training troops can be expanded to running 2 troop trainings at a time, spending some more iron. Yet the iron will still continue to pile up, which is a good thing - you will never have any complaints about it.

Food is another thing…there are ways to get some more food on a regular basis, not speaking of raids and wanted missions of course. However those ways come at a price and require you to make certain efforts. There are three major things which come to mind:

  1. Kill six titans daily. If done each and every day, this is a good permanent increase in food production. The price here is obvious - you either have to give up on big titans or your alliance has to bear with you spending only 1 flag on each big titan and using the rest for your personal gain. If you want to do that each and every day you also have to give up on wars. The price of peace, so to speak. Ironic…

  2. Waste less/no items on big titans. Or find alternative ways to get those items. Biggest example are harpoons, which you still can craft and use to your benefit if you get an alt account to the level where it can craft and hurl them at the titan. Again, your alliance has to be tolerable to accept this.

  3. Be wise in your food spendings. Understanding the simple truth that you cannot constantly feed 5* heroes and 4* troops will benefit you greatly. Taking a break from leveling either for some time and focusing on something lower (3* / 4* heroes for example) might help.


I believe that is the only true option. If you are out of food all the time, that means you are probably at the advanced levels or getting there. Your dropping food to get shards and throwing in for that weekly chance at a good 5* retrain. You also might be moving emblems around a lot. Anyway…you are probably at a good number of maxed heroes.

The only real good side to that is you can gain a stockpile of training heroes and ascension mats in case you luck out on the current “gotta have it” hero.

I wouldn’t count on it getting any better. Especially since they started adding food crates to purchase deals.

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