An Idea for the season event

An idea for the season event. “Mystery of the Glaze”
Ginevre is coming from far away to a very important meeting with Richard and warns him about the upcoming catastrophe. She tells him that long ago her sister Minerva betrayed the crown and they had to banish her. And now Minerva gained power and support of the Ice Dragon. She attacked their kingdom. Ginevre is asking for help. And the quest begins.
Meanwhile all locations turned in crystal snow town and people is icy figures.
The quest is very challenging. It puts us in a position to make a hard choice.
We meet Minerva before the final fight and she tells us a love story between herself and Arthur. But when Ginevre found out about it, she tore Minerva’s heart, stealing love out of it. Ginevre made Arthur fall in love with her and banished Minerva to the land of eternal cold and darkness.
So we have a choice to help Ginevre and fight Minerva and the dragon or to fight with reinforced Ginevre. Prizes are different for every win. Who would you help knowing the truth?

Skill: Cold revenge.
Mana speed: average

When hits 2 close targets - destroys all the mana and can use their skills.
Hero gets a shield 60% for 4 turns and restore 500 hp every 4 turns

( The picture is just an example, I’m not an author and don’t own any copyrights.)

Lovely artwork.

Interestingly (to classics geeks, like me) Minerva is the Roman equivalent of Athena.

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