An idea for summoning portals

Instead of removing season 1 heroes from the portals entirely, as it doesn’t seem like SGG wants to do that.

My suggestion is instead to make it so event coins have no season 1 heroes, but gem summons still retain the current odds including season 1 heroes.

I feel like this is a good compromise that would aid in various ways:

  1. Increase purchases because this would be the best way to obtain event-based summon coins.
  2. Encourage event participation so that players can get their hands on summoning coins that exclude season 1 heroes.
  3. Provide a “way-out” for more seasoned players who find little value in their 47th boldtusk.
  4. make players no longer want to quit when they do 60 summons only to get all season 1 heroes.

I like your idea but see one small snag. My alt is still in Season 1 so should they only be able to get season 2 heroes?

It is annoying they keep nerfing heroes right after they get maxed and you cannot retrieve the resources used but two of my strongest heroes are season 1 picks.

Perhaps there should be a daily summon for each season and you choose which one to use but you have to be past a certain level in that season to access it?

you could still buy offers from the store with the designated portal coins, for example, you can buy 10 season 5 summons for 10$ and with my suggestion, you would receive only season 5 heroes.

The question of a season summon giving heroes from different seasons has been raised before so having season coins that summon ONLY that season hero makes sense, however we get the coin.

It seems to me they don’t want new season heroes flooding the game so sort of limit would make sense.

I did 70 gargoyles pulls, no 5*. So, over $100, closer to $200 needed to get 5* is “no more spending” for me in the future