An idea for Alliance War

Hi all. I wanted to give an idea that could make alliance wars a bit more interesting. How about locking our war defense heroes? So, 5 heroes I put in my war defense team cannot be used in my 6 war attacks? What do you all think?

Considering our war score is based on our top 30 heroes and troops with weighting given toward the most powerful heroes and troops. That would cripple 5 attacks potentially for me as the only sensible thing is having your best credible defence on field. I would have to have duplicates of my best heroes (which would impact on my personal war score) and I lack the materials to level them up. Not being able to use them would just make me opt out of alliance wars.

I’m simply not willing to pay $400 per useful hero to make that happen when I have heroes I’ve owned for a year and still can’t get mats for.

However it is always interesting listening to new ideas.

Happy warring. :slightly_smiling_face:


I agree. But perhaps then we would just rearrange our war defenses, put some heroes we don’t use in our 6 attacks ever and they are still strong enough to be in defense. Plus, you got to choose: make your defense top notch, or save some heroes to have a few stronger attacks… :slight_smile:

Poor idea… What about those players who barley have 5 5* heros thay took ages to get them used lots of ham iron to emblem them and tried to creat best defense team for war main defense and u came up with suggestions not to use them👎🏻 sorry but fail idea


They do use them. But maybe they can combine them with some others and make a different defense and a bit better 2 or 3 war attacks. And in this system as it is, they still use those 5* for one attack, and all the other attacks are lame… Just trying to make more heroes usable, since many are never touched in the game…

I thought about it too long ago. Just don’t understand why a raid defence hero can logically be used on offence. I think it adds more depth with more decision making strategies. Like if you only have 1 alfrike, do you place her on rush as defence or do you use her as an attacker? Do you use skadi on defence for minion wars or leave her for offense for easier kills
This also means you need 35 heroes for your wars. Do you bring your best defence, while means it would be harder for your offense teams. Or do you split up 50/50 to balance out offence and defence
This only really affects in the middle/ competitive players with a limited roster. Whales I think wouldn’t have a problem with this. I generally don’t care about wars, but if a rule like this is really implemented, I wouldn’t mind.


M thinking exactly :slight_smile:

You most likely have been playing for some time and have a deep roster of heroes. But your suggestion would have a very negative impact on players that are still relatively new and are still building their roster. Implementing changes to war would need to take all players into account, not just those with a sufficiently large roster of 5* heroes.
So, no support for this idea from me.

I am f2p and c2p, playing for some 20 months. I wouldn’t call my roster deep, especially regarding 5 star heroes.
I agree changes should take into account all sort of players, but I don’t think any change really does. There are so few changes that in the end don’t help paying players and are a bit of a trouble down the line…

I really doubt the new upcoming Magic Tower will be f2p and new player friendly… :slight_smile: In my idea at least those who have an OP hero would basically use it once against us, and not twice, in defense and offense… Since the heroes are locked to be used only once in war either way, I don’t see this affecting only lower level players… rather forcing more tactics, organization among the alliance members, more thinking…

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