An idea about TRADING heroes and DUPLICATE heroes

I know there are many topics on this but please hear me out before you merge this with the others.

I know many have requested this and the devs wont do this because they will lose too much money, but what if they did something like this. I have 2 ideas.

First one:

1.What if you could only trade 3 times ever for each player, so that means you get 3 trades between Alliance members for the life of your account ? Once the 3 trades have been done you arent allowed anymore, ever.
I dont think thats too many where the devs would lose money and people have a nice way to get rid of their duplicate 4 and 5* heroes without feeding them for basically nothing.

2nd one:

  1. You get 1 trade per month for duplicates only and only between alliance members you have been in for 30 days or more.

And my idea about duplicates is:
You can trade 5* heroes in for 1 epic summon if you already own a double save wasting it on food.

Have any of these ideas been said before, if so sorry, but i think something like this would be great and wouldnt effect the devs earnings that much and would make the community very happy.

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