An Hashtag for everything

Hi everyone,

We all know that hashtags now are used (and abused) to say everything: celebrations, commemorations, events, marketing and also protest.

That’s why I’m texting now: to protest.

We all know what happened yesterday 15th of April on the game: a wrong Spring offer who gives a good amount of food for a reasonable price got deleted leaving the food for the ones who were quick enough and nothing to the ones who doesn’t; some have now 40 MILLIONS food stored, others doesn’t, even if they wanted to. That’s a good advantage for the first.

That’s not equity, and from a “owner” who just a month ago asked us to “call out inequality” with the #ChooseToChallenge support well, makes things even more unacceptable.

That’s why I’m texting now: to protest.

You (as SG) would not lose anything by leaving the wrong offer for everyone (instead, you will have gained a good amount of money), but removing it without doing nothing was not fair.

So, I’m asking everyone who accord with my words please to join us (me and my alliance) in the same way SG asked to join them: adding an hashtag in your alliance description.


Because we don’t think that the messages in the bug thread will be listened, we want to make them louder!

Thanks to everyone


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