An Easy Fix for the Forgotten Ones (Horghall, Justice, Khagan, etc.)

It’s still widely acknowledged that slow (and god help them, very slow) heroes from the early game lag woefully behind their later and faster counterparts. Horghall is a joke. No one with another possible option ascends Justice or Khagan.

Costumes—as incredibly rare as they are—have only minimally helped the viability of these heroes, whose weaknesses have long been acknowledged. And costumes aren’t even an option for some, like Owl and Wolf. Minor buffs to stats and damage percentages in the past haven’t been enough to set heroes like Horghall anywhere near their newer contemporary legendaries, but it seems like a small tweak might be enough to help F2P and C2P players from feeling wholly cheated by the onslaught of moneyed players with Telluria and Vela and Grave and Ursena.

Make the effects of slow original heroes (and very slow event heroes) undispellable.

Horghall is a lot tougher when you’re saddled with a 6-round debuff. The same is true of Justice’s 4-round blind, Elena’s 5-round counterattack, and so on.

Such a change wouldn’t keep anyone from seeing the advantage in these newer, vastly stronger heroes, but it would help slow the gross power creep that’s flooded the game, while also infusing the game with a diversity of options and allowing F2P and C2P to feel a little less like the game has gotten away from them.

Quintus would need a bit of a damage increase still, as he has no effect to extend, but that seems easy enough.

Thanks for listening, and for your feedback.

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I like it

Quintus is a challenge for the idea, but you’re right

But really, if I was going to be cynical, what’s in it for SG? A lot of the business model is tempting F2P to become C2P, and C2P to become spenders. Diluting that incentive seems unlikely

But I like it, maybe you should put it in feature requests?

They have the chance to do It . In fact if im not wrong they did It with Azlar costume burn

If you want to make them comparable to Telluria, you’d probably give them all minion generation, fast mana, bump all stats 30%, and make them immune to tile damage like Telluria’s minions. lol

Good idea… I’m a new player, have only 2 legendary heros - both of them you’ve mentioned: Horghall and Elena. Bit seeing the power of the new legendary heros, i wonder does it even pays off to invest in them? Or to stick with 4*s and wait to be lucky enough to get a new generation of legendary heros.

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