An easy AW fix (please vote)

I know in a way this has been discussed before. A new post is only way I feel we can start to voice real change to a promising game feature.

Matchmaking should be made with matching 5* troops per side and/or equivalent 3000+ tally.
Point system should be within equal value if possible (round up or down to match next closes score) and can still be based on top 30 heros if need be. Please read on…

I did a tally of the top 6 players in this last war and assigned my own numbers to each of the players defense heros. The heros levels times the tier, so a max 4* be worth 16pts as well as a tier 4 level 1 hero. Support troops were assigned a number per * level.
3* x 3tiers =9max
4* x 4tiers =16max
5* x 4tiers =20max
2* troop =1pt
3* troop =2pt
4* troop=3pt
After doing calculations of our last war, we had a total of 438(us) vs 503(them). That was a 65pt difference. we had 3x 5 with 2 players at 3000+ in our top 6 and they had 4x 5 with 6 3000+.

Now remember this was just tallied with the displayed heros and I’m sure the other team had more power housed heros in thier rosters. I know that the troops we were using for defence is the max and best heros our side had to offer which means a bigger unbalanced power scale. By utilizing a simple equal item as a placement marker (5* or 5vs5 3000+ power level for matchmaking) both sides would have an equal opportunity. There are so many alliances out there that Im sure we could get matched easily at 438 team score to another 438 or say 444 if that was next close. This would also mean a small team of players, say 5 players with max 5* (500pts) would only go up against another team with 25 5*(20pts each) in thier own rosters and no one would be steamrolled.

Next, we need our war score to be listed for top alliance and not by titans. If you check top billing, the #1 spot has a lower war score then second place (based on titans/trophies). So which alliance is better and holds higher clout? Monthly prizes of event token(new reward item) or something as good should be rewarded. Take all war scores gained in a month and divided by total matches. 1st place goes to the highest number and will be displayed as top dog with 2nd(2 epic*) and 3rd(1 epic*) getting lower prizes(*). Just because u win, say all 5 matches for the month, doesnt mean that your alliance performed the best. This would also mean more participation and more excitement for everyone including the small alliances. Players would still play for war chest wins and would be excited about competing to be #1 on a monthly public notice.

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