An ascension item rant.. :)

You get a 4* ascencion item every 10 days with the rare quest. :slight_smile:

But yes a guarnteed 4* item for the war chest would be reasonable me thinks.


There may well already be #ideas-feature-requests on these two issues. I’d encourage you to either vote on existing proposals if they are there, or to start new proposals.

FWIW, I proposed essentially the same thing for rare titans: decrease the frequency, but dramatically increase the quality of what you get.

So I like what you’re suggesting. Increasing the odds of getting something good from random sources but decreasing frequency of opportunities seems like a very good change to me.


I am fairly new to the game. I’ve spent a bit of time and money leveling my toons up. Imagine my surprise when I get my first toon ready to cap and am missing acention items. Is this how it is? I will walk away from the game if my toons have to wait years to level or I have to buy Ascension materials every time. Total BS!!

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You can get enough guaranteed Ascension Materials from rare quests to fully level 5 5* heroes per year. The seasonals and events also drop guaranteed non-farmable AM.

Beyond that it’s dependent on luck and/or spending. But there are definitely things you can do to improve your chances, like fighting strong titans, fighting in Platinum or Diamond for your hero chests, and always filling the wanted mission chests as fast as possible.


I think the offers referred to typically have 2.85 average chances, 1.7% each, of the premier item. So call it 5% chance. I could see draws like this being popular in the format 5% 4*, 5% 3*, 90% 100x backpacks. Price accordingly. The low end items in general need better quantities than 1x or 5x. Or just guarantee the 100x backpack, and treat the unfarmable(s) as a bonus draw. (Or get one of 100x rugged/backpack/sword.)

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It’s more like a 3.6% chance to get at least one item. The expected number of items is 0.048 per purchase, but that’s not a probability per se.

In my experience those “packs for gems” offers represent the single worst value in the game. Given the cost and slim chances of success they are an insta-skip for me.

The steady trickle of materials is slower than I’d like but not so much I will splurge on them. I think once I picked up an orb pack for 500 because the reward was guaranteed and I had wu waiting to go. Since then though, nothing. I’m not buying the packs for money either so I’m not the target audience.

I also have pretty strong patience so waiting it out doesnt bother me much. I do advise our newer players not to chase 4 star heroes given the materials blockage and to focus on 3 star rosters to enable them to progress steadily in the game without the materials bottleneck.

My growing issue is that it seems my titan chests 3 &4* items are becoming more and more crafting items w/o any asc mats

About this something to do while waiting for mats, food and iron. You know what I do while waiting days for enough food to acsend and level troops? I play a different game! Doesn’t seem smart to encourage people to log off waiting for ridiculously long timers. How about a proving ground to practice battles giving very small rewards while encouraging us to stay playing. I like games that allow you to work for what you want, not wait for it.

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Your supposed to want to give them $30 to play 2 more rounds. People with patience make bad gotcha customers.

Bump from the grave.

Bought the ascension pack this morning in the shop. While from a personal experience, it’s been common that I had a 50/50 chance of getting one epic mat as opposed to not getting any from a last attempt in a different pack (if I consider buying all 5 with each other.)

Today, complete anomaly.

I had a chance to walk away with having consumed less gems. More often than not, if I did land an epic mat it’s the last or second to last pull.

This time, it was on the second pull. Could have stopped. Should have stopped, but…greed, as it always does got the better of me and it did not disappoint.

Disclaimer, do not expect this, ever.

Edit: second Ascension shop offer and landed 2 rings out of 3 attempts. 2 tries left, probably should stop but… I’m sure I’ll get hit by the bug before it’s over.

Edit: went for it, one attempt remaining

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I had no idea that people actually purchased these after realizing that all the items were not guaranteed. Congratulations on your luck this go around.

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Total disagree with bigger titans , or bring in diamond make no difference, i spend more than most something like 300 to 500 dollars a month and makes no difference, playing almost 2yrs and only have 16 5star that done up, the odd off getting a 4 star ascension are 0.000000.000001, this game is all about money and nothing else. So good luck talking about getting more from sg, the only thing more you get is things that you dont even need to play this game.

What does FWIW mean, same with OP and RNG? There are so many (too many acronyms) in the forum, perhaps another post?

If we are talking about mats, here is my gripe with the game. Element chest…mid I get a fire chest, why am I not getting red ascending materials? Why do I get an orb and cape from a red chest? What’s the point in even making them an element chest if I’m not getting any ascending mats for that color? Just make the chest rainbow if it is going to give out random stuff.

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Not sure I’ve seen FWIW before. Maybe share a post where you’ve seen it and I can give it a whirl.
OP is original poster (first person to post on a topic) or more frequently over-powered when referring to heroes. RNG is random number generator which is how much of this game operates. People often joke about praying to RNGsus (or RN Jesus).

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Thanks BigSlick really appreciated! Garanwyn used FWIW in the third comment above. I really had no idea about OP and RNG but see it (and others) used a lot.

I understand your frustration… But have to say: those offers you bought are the worst in the game imho.

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LOL - Laughing out loud. FWIW is “for what it’s worth”.
Here’s a link to E&P Acronyms and more shorthand text.

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Lol brilliant, thank you, maybe easier for Americans to understand but didn’t come to me straightaway. Thanks

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