An appeal to SG for some common sense

They basically hit everyone with that change.

Those who don’t have these heroes and have little chances to get them will only get annoyed by being obliterated by them more often.

Those that do have these heroes will have to basically pay same amount of money again to get the costume and get their power back to stay on top and not with some half-baked shameful version of a hero.

Those that do not have them but could try to get them will be like “well maybe let’s just wait until ALL the legendary heroes from this event get their costume before spending any money on it, because what if Marie-Therese costume proves broken OP in the future, I want to pull her with the costume version and not this nonsense she is now.”

There is basically no player group that could be happy with this. Maybe except the ones who just enjoy watching the world burn.


I don’t understand the power creep. All of a sudden there’s a power creep. Why? Can someone explain to me this? Please and thank you.

First, the nerf on Tell and Vela then, the op of Season 4 then, the costumes on pretty much everyone. Tell and Vela are going back to pre nerf. Either update everyone so it’s even to Season 4 or nerf Season 4.

Ratatoskr sees it! A mighty leader ahead!

Ratatoskr reading Khagan letter

Ahem, Commander Khagan sends congratulations on your alliance endeavors. He would like to have a word with you about our community drops golden shield before his feets


The reason is pretty simple, Zynga paid a hefty amount of money during acquisition. They simply want to gather their investment back asap. Also, there are additional benefits for SG staff which was outlined in several other threads. They are performance-related bonus’s so here comes the power creep.

They need us to constantly summon hero’s with extremely low drop percentages so they can profit…


Focus on the troops not the heroes. Level the heroes you already have. Or else you will end up having 3 of each hotm every month and you will never level them lol.


it was a 700 million acquisition

Only 700 million they’ve pretty much made that back from me this past year lol


What do you mean broken op? At this point, might as well costume everyone.

I agree. This is so incredible sad and disappointing. I said it many times over the past years; I posted ideas for solutions and more and am ignored.

So true. In fact every player who owns one or more event heroes is being kind of dispossessed! All the money and effort we spend during the last years - it is going to be worthless. Every new player will get both the heroes and the costumes at once while the hundreds of thousands of players that invested some money over the past month and years will have to buy it again! And again with a ridiculous drop rate.

@Petri Please help us! I can’t believe that you actually support such things. If there is any influence left, if there is anything you can do to help us: please help!

I read your thread, too. Thanks for the honest and true words!


Broken overpowered.

Imagine you pulled 300 times to get Finley for the first time. Got him after 3 Marie Therese.

Now comes the Finley costume. You do 300 more pulls, got him, 2 more Marie Therese.

Now they release a costume for Marie Therese. Deals 300% dmg to all, 75% chance to ressurect dead heroes, adds 800 healing over 3 turns after that and has a taunt.

Now you have 5 Marie Therese, so lucky! But guess what… they are only base version that was available at the time you did the summons. You want that MT with a costume? Sorry mate, need 300 more pulls to get her. And suck those 7 duplicate Finley costumes the game throws at you while you do it LOL.


After this notices I came quikly to the fórum because I cound’t believe in all this.

My wish all day was to create a giant post with this matter and all my disappointment, but I found this post and I agree with all, so I’ll leave only a complementation…

I’m a player lvl90, alliance top100 from a country who have more expensive prices in the game, but even so I already spend it a lot, and April I’ll complete 3years on the game.
I dont like with all this greed increasing each month or semester, I’m get tired and pist off with developers, It seems like they are forcing us to abandoned this game only for decreasing the servers/cost and continuous working only for those 1% players who has no spend limit and summoms in every portal until get all the heroes.
So Zynga/SG, are this your main plan? Suck all money from the majority players making us reach our end in the game, and keeping planing season 4 e season 5 only for 1% of the players who gambling a lot with no spend limit?
Congrats, in two years from now on, the alliance ranking will be set on top50 with the players who have all heroes, a major gap after that, and the rest of the players who playing for free.
They could make reasonable aproaches to continue making the top500 alliances spend a few money every month, but they are doing “all in” aproaches, they want all our money now, before the game colapses.


I couldn’t have said it better on this thread. I stuck up for the devs on all the cries for Nerfs because you can’t please everyone just go with what you released and things will settle out. But also learn from the mistakes.

Instead they listen (AGAIN) to the nerf cries with Odin and Frigg at the same time adding even more powerful S4 heroes into Beta along with plans of Buffing the already strongest heroes in the game?!?!? I couldn’t believe it when I heard it.

Now my intelligence is being insulted. They are basically nerfing “strong” heroes while introducing even stronger heroes into the game. This was my last straw. They deserve all that’s coming to them. And it’s now the old adage. Fool me once Shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me. This is the 2nd time and I will not spend another dime in this game. I hope they get buried in their greed.


Ha, there’s no way they’d ever consid… wait, wtf?!


Welcome to Bizarro world, where strong heroes get buffed and weak heroes get nerfed



Flabbergasted as to how they continue arrive at these decisions. Release a hero… Then retracts, " the hero is too powerful, let’s NERF em and release heros that are even more OP." Why release the hero with the given stats in the first instance. It just doesn’t make any sense whatsoever. The burn the witch at the stake mentality continues to be heard whilst other views that brings valuable input are blatantly ignored… Nerfing just takes away the challenge and the fun… SG might as well give the crybabies a diamond in every raid to appease the whining.


Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.

They really are “culottés” as we say in France.


SGG Execs and Team Leads:
Money Money
Money Money

SGG Staff Member:
…but what are we going to do about the ever present balance issues amongst heroes? I mean for Vishnu’s sake Costume Kadilen makes Inari completely pointless!!

SGG Execs and Team Leads:





I just left a game after 8 years and 20k plus spent . Same situation . I see the same trends here and stopped spending very early after an alliance mate told me of Tellurias nerf.

I realized after 8 years that every new spender was more important than my steady flow of money over that time . I hope you can find some peace here and I shared this for however it may help you decide either way .

Good luck and I hope you find the answers you seek


This game is on terminal illness…



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