An appeal to SG for some common sense

So much this!

Whales will never be satisfied, no matter how powerful heroes they release. “Game is too easy, I’m in top 100 all the time” they will just keep whining or bragging about their rosters while rest of us are trying to survive with s1 heroes.

You keep releasing new heroes and changing rules and nerfing and buffing those that don’t need it while rest of 99% playerbase suffers.

Start listening to goddamn feedback or lose your customers. Why do you even have this forum when no one from staff reads it!?


Do you mean Power Creep in general? It’s the challenge/diffuculty increase to give you the feeling of progress, like the MCU, they started fighting guys with power whips ans metal arms, then a demi-god, then a super robot, and lastly Thanos with 6 Infinity Stones, so every challenge is more difficult than the previous one. In E&P the power creep is the increasing difficulty in challenges, events, and the power of heroes available to play with and against.

The point here, and I agree with OP (doubt anyone won’t) is that SGG has been talking about balance, and in the sake of that balance the nerfed some heroes (Telly, Vella, Frigg, Odin) and buffed others (A few old HOTMs and all S1 heroes by means of costumes).

Then, just weeks after nerfing Telly and Vela, SGG releases insanely strong heroes in S3 and in Ninjas portal.

And on top of that, just when they finished releasing the costumes for all vanilla heroes… some of the most powerful event and HOTM heroes get costumes!!!

This means:

  • Absolute imbalance in the game
  • Whoever spent hundreds or thousands to get, let’s say Finley, will have to do it all over again to get his costume, or play with an obsolete version of him.
  • Same thing for whoever was lucky enough to get those heroes.

This movement has nothing with fairness, balance, QoL or anything good for the player base.

It’s just SGG/Zynga putting a carrot in front of the big spending players so they open their wallets.

I’ve seen SGG making bad decisions in the past, but now they’ve gone to a whole new level.

It looks like they are sick and tired of the game and just trying to make one final big profit before shutting down E&P.


I can’t disagree with you at all. And I know exactly where you are . I was a have for 8 years prior to this game . Had I wanted to stay a have I would have had to keep up with the new inventory . Now in a short time I became top 100 if I try where top ten was easily achievable . I can still outplay and build most players with what I have but without new stuff I just can’t compete at the top. It doesn’t make me want to throw money at the game knowing it’s all a trap. It’s sucks . I want to be great here but I learned my lesson . I kNow this won’t make you feel any better but hopefully you don’t fall into the trap

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However, I think even whales are mad at this. I would if I was, imagine spending $1000 to get Finley and wake up with the news that he is now obsolete and you have to do it all over again.

And I think this might actually kill the game indeed.

Release Tell and Vela, nerfing them 3 times “because of balance”, then release OP ninjas, and now release costumes for arguably already OP heroes?

The “let’s nerf Telly and Vela bc of their dominance” was actually “Their paywall was not high enough”.

In my case, between TellVel nerf and this power creep, my Telluria tank, 4300 TP team is starting to not even holding diamond arena.


It makes sense: Pay as much as you can to catch the favorite hero who is nerff in a short time to make room for another new favorite hero… And so on…
You fooled me once, it can happen …
You fooled me twice, shame on you!
You fooled me 3 times, shamed on me!


@Petri @KiraSG @mhalttu
SGG has lost sight of the idea of delivering customer satisfaction. I get it, every business is a for profit organisation. This is true whether you are a restaurant, hotel, an airline or a video game company. The main goal is to make money, otherwise you are a charity. But your business model will only succeed if customers feel they are getting value for their money and they continue to pay.

2020 however has seen SGG make one faux pas after the other. In case your memory is short here is a list of ‘SGG’s Sins of 2020’

  1. Releasing Telluria and Vela in an overpowered state whilst ignoring Beta testers who pointed out that the heroes (particularly Telluria) was overpowered and would warp the metagame. And lo and behold the meta game was completely saturated with the same boring defences.
  2. The subsequent multiple rounds of nerfing of Telluria and Vela thanks to people whining (rightly or wrongly) that they are OP. Whether they are viable heroes or not today, they have loss sight of the fact that many players who are C2P (the majority of their player base) would have decided to spend that extra bit to get these 2 very powerful heroes. Currently, for many players their Telluria and Vela are gathering dust on their bench. Also as of writing, there is still no way to obtain 4* ascension mats spent to level these heroes. For all players (F2P/C2P/P2P), this would be less of a problem if mats were not so difficult to obtain.
  3. The response to releasing overpowered HOTMs like Telluria and Vela was to subsequently release absolute garbage HOTMs like Noor, Reuben, Zulag etc. whose main purpose is to clog up roster space. Meanwhile, the more powerful heroes like Frigg, Odin, Bera, Garnet etc. are hidden behind low percentage, hard to obtain paywalls.
  4. Morlovia-Gate was a complete farce however which way you want to look at it, both for players who exploited the glitch (where many received gem fines which served to only boost SGG’s coffers) or players who didn’t exploit the glitch (where the feeling is SGG let off the cheats off too lightly). Was anyone sacked for this? Doubtfully. Instead players were BLAMED for not reporting the glitch to the developers when it was found during Sand Empires.
  5. Atlantis Loot ticket glitch. Again it is not clear how the developers decided how many coins were missing. My request to support (using the appropriate ticket system) was met with a ‘we can determine the number of coins you received is correct’
  6. Mythic Titan loot glitch. No effort was made to address this problem because it affected everyone. I wonder if the stance would have been the same if the glitch had generated a 4* Ascension Mat for everyone within the loot tier.
  7. Huge Glaring Bugs have been ignored and not fixed/ or taken a long time to fix. Examples of this include:
  • Alfrike’s cube bug which is still glitchy
  • Raid Tournament matchmaking which is a complete hot mess. I am sure people who have the dreaded “0-1, E, no further hits” curse will appreciate where I am coming from
  • Mitsuko’s Bypass Glitch where the developers were INSISTENT that it was ‘working as intended’ after their 5 minute investigation only for forum users here to submit a slew of vids to disprove their comments.
  1. Meanwhile bugs which would affect their bottom line (e.g. Ninja Troops appearing in HA) were immediately fixed. Priorities.
  2. Struggling to implement simple quality of life improvements like:
  • Click to buy all deals option - they tried this once and couldn’t even do the maths properly
  • Better roster management
  • Friendly duels within the alliance - well at least this one is in the works I guess?
  1. Hero Academy 10. Nuff said.
  2. The initial launch of Taverns of Legends with some of the most ridiculous odds to obtain a past HOTM (the majority of which are outdated and underpowered anyways). It was the single worst portal in the game and if you were after a specific past HOTM (e.g. Evelyn, Frida) your odds of getting them were about the same as Myztero. Speaking of which, the only saving grace is that he wasn’t an overpowered hero - you can just imagine the outrage of sticking a overpowered hero behind a 0.1% paywall.
  3. The insistence of STILL putting S1 heroes in every single portal available to dilute the pull odds even further. You could at least throw their costume together with them to make them worth while but instead this is hidden behind another paywall.
  4. The constant power creep. The game can still be interesting by introducing new mechanics without the need to just make blatantly more powerful heroes to grab players attention.
  • S3 Heroes have better baseline stats than their S2 and S1 counterparts making them obsolete
  • Releasing blatantly better version of a hero (e.g. Garnet vs. Grazul) thereby obsoleting the older hero almost immediately. Also can I get my mats back for Grazul?
  1. Goblin Balloon - taking loot drops which were previously free like emblems and Ascension mats (or even simple things like WE flasks, trainer heroes) and putting them behind a paywall.
  2. The continued lack of communication with players. Remember when you woke up one morning in February and wondered why Atlantis Rises was on? No one bothered to communicate to the player base. (Also the shortening of Atlantis Rises because players do not deserve having too much of a good thing but thats 2019). Remember when Ninja Tower was dropped on us at short notice? Wonder which S3 Hero is going to be featured at the end of the month? Nope you gotta keep on guessing.

And now moving into 2021 (and this is only January), we are met with the same cynical business practices

  • Nerfing of Frigg and Odin thanks to people complaining. Sounds pretty familiar… I await R2 and 3 of nerfs to provide er… more metagame diversity…It doesn’t matter how small or big the nerfs are. The main issue is that nerfs are applied to the heroes after release, and usually when people have spent their money to obtain these heroes.
  • At the same time planning more overpowered heroes hidden behind low % paywalls.
  • And now more costumes which are essentially their way of selling you the same reheated microwave meal twice.

You must be tone-deaf to not see why people are fed up with such incompetence and ready to give up the game. In fact many long time players like @JimMe @KLinMayhem @Wormwood @MrsBCW @UrieL @Ambassador just to name a few have quit in the last year. Many of these are NOT small spenders.

But you do you.


They do it because people are “ready” to leave the game but they don’t. They stay and they spend. And if they don’t spend they watch mystic vision because “you gotta believe”.

Until more people do leave, it will not change.
That is what I believe.
For those of you who continue, I hope I’m wrong, but that’s one last gamble I wasn’t going to take.


You are a breath of fresh air…and my attitude, pay trends, and place in the game are very similar to you. Everything you said was how I’ve kept an even keel in this game and I suspect there are many more in the game with similar attitudes. For every person that floods the forum with conspiracy theories there are 10 more that are happily and quietly enjoying the game.

But…this was the first time I took major issue in the actions of the game. I usually try to defend decisions. However, when they tell us that they are nerfing heroes for the sake of balance then tell us immediately after they are giving costumes to the strongest heroes in the game…we are being played for fools. If they had nerfed Odin and Frigg then said “to further balance the game we will be offering costumes for past underwhelming heroes like Margaret, Noor etc…” instead they release insane OP S4 heroes into beta and add costumes to already strong heroes.

I’m against nerfing. But at least I could understand if they tried to add costumes to underwhelming heroes or balance the game by boosting them in some way. But that’s not the case. If this is all about squeezing as much money as they can then fine. In fact come out and tell us. I’d actually respect them for admitting it. But hiding behind words like “balance” to justify these decisions is just slimy.

IDK…I like the game. I enjoy the game. But I’m really not sure where this is going. It’s getting harder to defend them.


I’m not personally seeing mixed signals its a trend, release heros op after being told in beta thier op get the money from them while they’re Shiney new and exciting then nerf them and plead ignorance and say sorry we messed up…rinse repeat

But continue to release more and more powerful heros that can only be summoned scarce (Finley jabber gm killhare etc) because well you can only summon them 2x a year you can go for Odin and frigg once a month…its supply and demand.

And why fix whats not working when ppl spend thousands without really caring as long as they got bragging rights with the most op heros, they don’t care about stuff a c2p or f2p player does because it really doesn’t effect them as much if at all.

SGs trend is spend spend nerf. Release spend spend nerf release.

S4 is being rushed out with stupidly strong heros

Ninjas are almost unfair as they can counter and dodge and are completely unpredictable on defense

So hey why not throw costumes on the most op heros in the game…they’ve already made themselves richer then thier wildest dreams so if the game goes bye bye due to incredible power creep and money grabbing leading to player base abandoning ship well they’ve already lined thier pockets to explosion point.

In the end they’ll still be rich can develop a new game and move on and well, we’ll be left with either a deep bench with no one to play with (seen it happen a couple times in other games) or a not deep bench and quit due to a power creep you cannot keep up with.

Its already the same players in top 100 every event can almost say to the number what spot they’ll be in. Not enough diversity and level playing field and sg seems not to care


It makes perfect sense. Dangle the carrot, collect money from suckers chasing it, then when they catch the carrot they go “whoa whoa whoa, that carrot is actually a bit too big…here’s a baby carrot instead”. Then they dangle another bigger, juicier carrot. Suckers chase it. Repeat cycle.


I think you nailed it. Maybe the players that spend so much to get the best hero (or all) dont care about spening $$$, maybe they out weigh all C2P and F2P players and SG know this there fore they dont care because they are getting rich. Im C2P leaning towards F, i got so excited to see the last of the S1 hero’s get costumes, then read that the talked about heros are getting costumes too, i died inside, but hey SG dont care about me or you or us. Its greed gone mad! Its actually a massive Casino, we are all gambling, and some have a problem!


Agree with what you say but this affects all players, not just C2P/F2P. It may not be obvious to many, but even the whales are fed up with SGG’s business practice which are amateurish at best, shady at worst. I have pointed it out in great detail above the number of ■■■■-ups in 2020 alone.
Increasingly more players that would normally spend large amounts are getting fed up and are either spending less or quitting altogether. Furthermore they forget that the majority of their player base are C2P players. At the moment it seems that their business strategy is to keep squeezing and hoping that the few remaining whales are still willing to spend, but eventually the bubble will burst and the whole house of cards will come tumbling down.


I dont know what is happening. Its impossible to win anything! Even if my opponent is less level than me, Never appeared a combination of puzzles! It’s really annoying. Please do something be cause there will be a lot of players uninstalling the game

Great read.
But I don’t understand why you guys are so surprised? I don’t see anything that isn’t business as usual.


You all applaud slight imbalance because it’s so attractive. Can’t wait to put it next to your tank. Hold on baby! We’re going to mortgage the house today! Weeeeeeeeee

The imbalance is so slight!
And people spend so much!
Because… slight after slight after slight?
Yeah. It makes cents, how to make $

A year later… nothing new. Same old story. So why shouldn’t SG embrace imbalance, and ratchet it up a notch after you spend and celebrate it?
Even defend it…

And now all of the sudden be surprised?
Now all of the sudden your confused and upset? I really don’t get it

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Nice collection of issues.

Don’t forget when some beta tester knew they could start a battle in beta game, see what was the board generated, switch to live game and somehow import (I don’t know the most appropiate word) that board to their first live battle.

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Ah who could ever forget Beta-boards Gate. To be fair this bug was exploited by a few beta testers without the knowledge of the developers. These small group of players were also very reluctant for the problem to be exploited, instead keeping it all hush hush on Beta forums and using it to their advantage. It was only after @Rigs exposed this flaw did the developers take notice of this exploit and in all fairness it was very quickly fixed soon after.
AFAIK no punishment were handed out to players who exploited this flaw as it didn’t cost SG any money. It is also interesting that some of these ‘top’ players who were consistently going 6-0 in wars suddenly became terrible overnight… We know who you are!


Exactly. I agree with what you said.

Having a deja vu here.
Reading the same things as on the game forum of the previous game I played.
And that game fell apart, desintegrated because of pure greed.
A great game and idea destroyed because of this.
And this is happening all over again with this one…


Can us players also have greed?

It seems to me that balance is only an issue when it is convenient.
Now it’s time for common sense…?!

But when all these minor imbalances continually add up to:

That’s ok…

You want greed? Then i have the perfect thing just for you. Check the “Design you own hero” thread.

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