An appeal to SG for some common sense

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SGG has lost sight of the idea of delivering customer satisfaction. I get it, every business is a for profit organisation. This is true whether you are a restaurant, hotel, an airline or a video game company. The main goal is to make money, otherwise you are a charity. But your business model will only succeed if customers feel they are getting value for their money and they continue to pay.

2020 however has seen SGG make one faux pas after the other. In case your memory is short here is a list of ‘SGG’s Sins of 2020’

  1. Releasing Telluria and Vela in an overpowered state whilst ignoring Beta testers who pointed out that the heroes (particularly Telluria) was overpowered and would warp the metagame. And lo and behold the meta game was completely saturated with the same boring defences.
  2. The subsequent multiple rounds of nerfing of Telluria and Vela thanks to people whining (rightly or wrongly) that they are OP. Whether they are viable heroes or not today, they have loss sight of the fact that many players who are C2P (the majority of their player base) would have decided to spend that extra bit to get these 2 very powerful heroes. Currently, for many players their Telluria and Vela are gathering dust on their bench. Also as of writing, there is still no way to obtain 4* ascension mats spent to level these heroes. For all players (F2P/C2P/P2P), this would be less of a problem if mats were not so difficult to obtain.
  3. The response to releasing overpowered HOTMs like Telluria and Vela was to subsequently release absolute garbage HOTMs like Noor, Reuben, Zulag etc. whose main purpose is to clog up roster space. Meanwhile, the more powerful heroes like Frigg, Odin, Bera, Garnet etc. are hidden behind low percentage, hard to obtain paywalls.
  4. Morlovia-Gate was a complete farce however which way you want to look at it, both for players who exploited the glitch (where many received gem fines which served to only boost SGG’s coffers) or players who didn’t exploit the glitch (where the feeling is SGG let off the cheats off too lightly). Was anyone sacked for this? Doubtfully. Instead players were BLAMED for not reporting the glitch to the developers when it was found during Sand Empires.
  5. Atlantis Loot ticket glitch. Again it is not clear how the developers decided how many coins were missing. My request to support (using the appropriate ticket system) was met with a ‘we can determine the number of coins you received is correct’
  6. Mythic Titan loot glitch. No effort was made to address this problem because it affected everyone. I wonder if the stance would have been the same if the glitch had generated a 4* Ascension Mat for everyone within the loot tier.
  7. Huge Glaring Bugs have been ignored and not fixed/ or taken a long time to fix. Examples of this include:
  • Alfrike’s cube bug which is still glitchy
  • Raid Tournament matchmaking which is a complete hot mess. I am sure people who have the dreaded “0-1, E, no further hits” curse will appreciate where I am coming from
  • Mitsuko’s Bypass Glitch where the developers were INSISTENT that it was ‘working as intended’ after their 5 minute investigation only for forum users here to submit a slew of vids to disprove their comments.
  1. Meanwhile bugs which would affect their bottom line (e.g. Ninja Troops appearing in HA) were immediately fixed. Priorities.
  2. Struggling to implement simple quality of life improvements like:
  • Click to buy all deals option - they tried this once and couldn’t even do the maths properly
  • Better roster management
  • Friendly duels within the alliance - well at least this one is in the works I guess?
  1. Hero Academy 10. Nuff said.
  2. The initial launch of Taverns of Legends with some of the most ridiculous odds to obtain a past HOTM (the majority of which are outdated and underpowered anyways). It was the single worst portal in the game and if you were after a specific past HOTM (e.g. Evelyn, Frida) your odds of getting them were about the same as Myztero. Speaking of which, the only saving grace is that he wasn’t an overpowered hero - you can just imagine the outrage of sticking a overpowered hero behind a 0.1% paywall.
  3. The insistence of STILL putting S1 heroes in every single portal available to dilute the pull odds even further. You could at least throw their costume together with them to make them worth while but instead this is hidden behind another paywall.
  4. The constant power creep. The game can still be interesting by introducing new mechanics without the need to just make blatantly more powerful heroes to grab players attention.
  • S3 Heroes have better baseline stats than their S2 and S1 counterparts making them obsolete
  • Releasing blatantly better version of a hero (e.g. Garnet vs. Grazul) thereby obsoleting the older hero almost immediately. Also can I get my mats back for Grazul?
  1. Goblin Balloon - taking loot drops which were previously free like emblems and Ascension mats (or even simple things like WE flasks, trainer heroes) and putting them behind a paywall.
  2. The continued lack of communication with players. Remember when you woke up one morning in February and wondered why Atlantis Rises was on? No one bothered to communicate to the player base. (Also the shortening of Atlantis Rises because players do not deserve having too much of a good thing but thats 2019). Remember when Ninja Tower was dropped on us at short notice? Wonder which S3 Hero is going to be featured at the end of the month? Nope you gotta keep on guessing.

And now moving into 2021 (and this is only January), we are met with the same cynical business practices

  • Nerfing of Frigg and Odin thanks to people complaining. Sounds pretty familiar… I await R2 and 3 of nerfs to provide er… more metagame diversity…It doesn’t matter how small or big the nerfs are. The main issue is that nerfs are applied to the heroes after release, and usually when people have spent their money to obtain these heroes.
  • At the same time planning more overpowered heroes hidden behind low % paywalls.
  • And now more costumes which are essentially their way of selling you the same reheated microwave meal twice.

You must be tone-deaf to not see why people are fed up with such incompetence and ready to give up the game. In fact many long time players like @JimMe @KLinMayhem @Wormwood @MrsBCW @UrieL @Ambassador just to name a few have quit in the last year. Many of these are NOT small spenders.

But you do you.