An appeal to SG for some common sense

So. The latest rounds of nerfs are going to nerf frigg and Odin on account that they are too powerful in the current meta. Don’t like it at all but fine.

But this coincides with new costumes on top of s4 heroes and villains heroes coming soon that are even more powerful?!?

What is the point of this again? If people are struggling against these heroes, which are hard paywalled behind very low pull rates, and now you are expanding to buff … finley and jabber and killhare and gm and poseidon!!! So those same players who aren’t pulling in droves and don’t have the strongest heroes can compete even less?

This makes no sense. Either re-tier play such that the whales are understood to be off limits to players who don’t have enough of the new and strongest heroes and be done with it, or slow the power creep. As a pay to play player it is becoming increasingly difficult to justify paying another dollar for heroes of expanding power knowing that they will likely be nerfed on the regular. Cheap and free to play players are also getting discouraged because they see less and less ability to compete and nothing but more powerful stuff coming out that they will likely never get.

Annoying everyone is generally not a good approach. You can’t satisfy everyone, but alienating everyone is not a good business plan. We need an honest q&a with the developers to determine why there is all the mixed signals.

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You can find more information about the Heroes that @beepbeepimajeep mentioned on the below linked threads.
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I second this emotion. We have so many questions right now. Besides power creep (leap?), what about the promised way to deal with dupe legendaries after the HA10 debacle? What about raid formations? It’s been a long time since we’ve gotten answers.


And this is why S3 will be the end of my love affair with the game. They could at least fix that Alfrike cube bug that was reported more than half a year ago!


They don’t seem interested at all in expanding gameplay or fixing problems. I’ve long given up on that.


Interesting to see that now you have changed your opinion in view of what’s coming and the knowing the big picture.

You complain that they are trying to fix odin and frigg which are broken and then say they are not interested at all in fixing problems. That’s a weird reasoning :thinking:


My position has never changed. I’m stating if they are going to nerf heroes, then release even more powerful heroes that will need to be nerfed even more, it makes no sense.


All I see is someone who is pissed that the heroes he owna are nerfed.

I can understand that of course but don’t try to hide that behind inconsistent arguments…


Of course I don’t like the nerfs. You miss the point completely in that the release of newer even more powerful heroes are only going to generate more and more complaints from YOU. And given you are 20 times as active on the forums complaining about heroes all the time, it will only lead to more nerfs.


Let people summon shiny new heroes first.

To nerf them is the next step after all the money has been taken.

As simple as that :blush:


I think that my opinion about RNG gated balance patches (AKA costumes) is crystal clear, so I’ll just link myself from another topic about release-nerf-profit cycle:


Totally agree. Adding costumes to heroes that ftp and ctp players already find challenging to face is extremely discouraging. The power creep is getting out of hand. I am a paying player, I don’t have all the shiny new heroes as I budget, but I can’t imagine how discouraged a ftp/ctp player must be when they see the game quickly becoming out of their reach to compete. Slow down SG. Tweaking heroes (not major nerfs) is fine and expected. But nerfing existing heroes and then adding more powerful heroes that will also be nerfed makes no sense at all.


I have already seen an experienced player in my Line group, so incensed by the proposal for new costumes on Finley etc, that they fed their fully levelled 5* heroes to Dawa and costume.
And then removed the account from their phone.
I am speechless about what is currently happening in the game. By all means progress and develop but SG really is making this a pay to win game


This will be the end game for me. I have both and it didn’t come cheap.


No solution for the dupes as promised a very very long time ago, not event any brainfa… Has been released into what direction they are thinking. Imo they haven’t done anything about it yet.
Re balance hero’s that are already strong.
Still no fix for AL very tedious way of filling.

I can make a very long list but won’t, we all know they mayor problems in this game but SG only looks at the bankaccount and needs to see it topped of asap.

We are loosing members in the alliance faster the you can say yabadabadoo and never had this problem before. We where always 29/30 players.
Guess they need the cash for the funeral of this game fast…


I agree. What is the point of nerfing strong heroes and owerpowering the others?


This is not even Pay to Win. Pay to Win is the current state of the game. The thing they are doing now is basically Pay Absurd Amounts of Money on a Regular Basis to be Able to Play. And we are not even talking about winning. Back then if you did not pull natalya or perseus, what happened? Nothing, you just had 1 interesting hero less. Now if you lack specific heroes you have no chance in certain gamemodes.


I honestly thought I had misread this. Wouldn’t be the first time I have misread something today - just wasted a bunch of energy misreading the PoV s3 area I was supposed to be in.

If I had to pick a few heroes who certainly don’t need buffing, they are all on that list.

My thoughts on their logic are that it is pure greed on the part of SG - to encourage those whales who already spent a lot to get those heroes in the first place, to spend even more to buff them to complete with the newer heroes.

I am C2P and becoming cheaper by the day. Not spent anything so far this month and feeling less and less inclined to do so.


This is one healthy attitude. :+1:
Having in mind all these changes, the best thing to do is to play with what you get, wherever it gets you. There is absolutely no point in trying to catch them all. Even if you had huge pile of money you can throw away.


It’s crazy! The whole point of costumes was to bring s1 heroes into a realm where they could at least compete. I feel it was implemented wrongly but at least the intention was good and I’m pretty sure it was said at the time that they had no plans to introduce costumes for hotm etc but now they plant to introduce them for 5 of the already overpowered heroes (I own 4 so dont think this is sour grapes on my part) i mean IF you’re gonna do it what about thoth or Margaret or perseus or
some of the other poor heroes or the ones that used to be good but also got left behind by the power creep like onatel they are the ones that that need a costume buff. Then on the other hand they nerf frigg and Odin for being op whilst having the cheek to have s4 heroes in the pipeline that will make frigg look like Thorne! I have no words this game is going down the pan rapidly it’s a shame it really is


It really doesn’t matter if you own them or not.
The chance to get the hero and the costume is the same. And it is really low, so if you and me (that I don’t have anyone) want to pull one customed hero, both of us have to waste a big amount of money…

1% probability diluted with other 20 or so 5* makes it impossible to get an specific hero without selling your house…


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