An Announcement on Pronouncement - pronouncing hero names

Sorry to rush you :grin:

Too keen to learn!

I always pronounce it as “sigh pree an” like cypress, seems classier than sipreean :sweat_smile:

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My housemate is a huge nipponophile so I only know how to pronounce names like Musashi, Hikaru, Chao from watching Japanese docos +anime with him lolol :sweat_smile:

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For me:

  • Horghall: Horg-hall
  • Aife: Ay-fee
  • Chao: Chow
  • Marjana: Mar-jah-nah
  • Caedmon: Kade-mon
  • Dawa: Dah-wah
  • Brienne: Bree-en
  • Khagan: Cuh-gahn
  • Valen: Val-en
  • Kailani: Kay-lah-nee
  • Ishhtaak: Ish-tock
  • Zudak: Zoo-dack
  • Hu Tao: Hoo-ta-ow
  • Jahangir: Jah-ha-en-ger
  • Domitia: Dome-eesh-ah


  • Gregorian: Greg-oh-ree-an
  • Khiona: Kee-oh-nah
  • Gan Ju: Gahn Joo
  • Kiril: Kure-ill
  • Karil: Kare-ell
  • Obakan: Oh-bah-kon
  • Li Xiu: Lee-zoo
  • Gadeirus: Gade-eye-russ
  • Ameonna: Ah-mee-oh-nah
  • Sumitomo: Sum-ee-too-moh
  • Mnesseus: Mn-ooh-sus (?)
  • Namahage: Nah-ma-haj
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  • Aegir: Ay-gur
  • Zimkitha: Zim-kee-tha
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Thought someone said gregorian = greg Oryan

I heard that too, but idk doesn’t work for me. Greg O’Ryan just sounds wrong to me lol

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Agreed!!! Lol

  • Zeline = zuh LĪN (not zuh LĒN ?)
  • Kunchen (Feb’19 HotM) = kuhn CHEN
  • Valen = VAY len
  • Zimkitha = zim KIH tha (normal English rule that a vowel is short before a double consonant unless those consonants are followed by a silent “e”, e.g. with wither)
  • Namahage = NAHM ah HAH guh
  • Marjana = mar JAH nah (rhymes with sar TAH nah)
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I’m glad you pointed out marjana lol

Mariana just irks the livin crap out of me everytime i hear it

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Well i think the latin alphabet could be applied to the latin chat rooms and foreign language threads lol

Btw cool name change, if only i could be as cool and calm as you lol


Who reads through this thread and pronounces every ‘‘pronunciation variant’’ out loud? :laughing:

I did.

This made me giggle. It’s time for you to write a comic poem and only use the pronunciations of hero-names!


What about Lianna? The emphasis on the I or A?

I default to Lee Ar na

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I am from Germany. So we pronounce the heroes the German way.

Marjana = mahr yaah nah
Caedmon = caid mon
Magni = mahg nee

I am not going to mention poor Azlar.
We pronounce him =
(British word for “behind”, pronounced the British way) + lahr



Lianna = Lee AH na

Where do you get the R, @JonahTheBard? Freaky Brit.

@AnjaValkyrie I say Caedmon and Magni as you do. I do say Azlar with the buzzy “z” instead of a sibilant “ss”.

This thread is more than academic for me, since my son and I play together and talk about the game. We spent time debating “Zeline”.


In the South of England we often lengthen our A sounds to make us sound what we think is posh, old bean.

Rule BritaRnnia


hm, in German, we say “tse leen”.
Like Celine Dion, the singer. But with a “ts” for the “Z” instead of “ss” for the “C”

I liked “ZEH lee neh” (as the French might pronounce it) but Wharf convinced me that “zeh LEEN” was more likely.

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