An alliance on the rise, Jigsaw Continuum, looking for new members level 10 and up, no cups requirement

My name is TerrySaurusRex and my name is a hybrid of my first name with the T-Rex suffix so as to honor that great female T-Rex in the first Jurassic movie. She was a great fighter for Dino rights!

I’ve been a member of Jigsaw Continuum for about 5 months. It is the first and only alliance I have belonged to. I had been learning the game on my own but reached a point where I needed to start battling and defeating Titans.

What attracted me to the Jigsaw Continuum Alliance was a post I saw on this board from Mighty Magdalene, one of its co-leaders, “We are of the philosophy ‘no man left behind’. Our mission is to help players develop their individual teams, fighting style, and share helpful gaming tips.”

If you are an active and daily E&P player level 10 or up, and you are looking to improve your game and still have fun, join Jigsaw Continuum, an alliance that is rising to the top.

Our Alliance currently has 3 positions to fill. We are looking for active players that are willing to attack a Titan with every flag they have. Alliance Wars participation is not mandatory at this time, but we encourage participation so we can get more ascension items to keep building our hero teams. We are currently defeating 6* and 7* Titans. With your help we can defeat 8* Titans and above.

Also we understand that life happens and only ask you to let the alliance know if you can’t attack the Titan. If you miss attacking 2 Titans in a row without notice, you most likely will be booted from the alliance. That is our main rule other than be respectful of other members and have a good sense of humor.

So check out Jigsaw Continuum!

Hey… i’m at level 10 stronghold right now. nearing the 2000 mark for my front team. produce 40k on 3 star titans, don’t know if damage is different on higher stars because my alliance doesn’t get them. my alliance is somewhat active but dead silent which is why i’m looking for something new. i led a win in the last war, fighting down to my scraps to make sure I got the job done. what rated opponents are you guys going up against? my B team is only 1300ish. Of course I only want to go somewhere where I can continue to be valuable.

We base our requirement on player level, not stronghold level. We require players to be at level 10. Stronghold level is not a requirement.

We don’t have anyone with a team score below 2K but we have some in the early 2Ks. They can get anywhere from 2K to 10K on 6, 7, 8 * Titans. That 8* is closer to the 2-4K hit range for them. We are hitting a Rare 8* Harpy Titan right now and she’s even tough for those of us with 3-4K teams. We have not successfully defeated an 8 * Titan yet. We are pretty good at defeating 5, 6 and 7 * Titans. I expect us to get a 7* Titan should this 8* Harpy escape.

Our Alliance score is in the 80K range. We just won our 4th War against a comparable team. We are all working on building the 6 team of heroes needed for the Wars. That takes time which is why we don’t make War participation mandatory at this point.

You should be able to look at our list of members to see if you feel you will fit in.

You guys sounds pretty far ahead of me. But thanks for being open to have me take a look, and thanks for the reply.

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