An alliance is for life not just for Christmas

If you enjoy helping others learn about the game or are looking for a new alliance to grow with then check out The Annual Purge. We are seeking one enthusiastic player to join our fun team! For newer members that want to grow with us we would like a minimum of 4000 TP and have WhatsApp (which is easy to download). The Annual Purge is…
• Established Alliance with war strategy and wide range of knowledge to help you progress.
• Very friendly members who work closely as a team - no dramas but full of fun, encouragement, advice, support and more fun.
• English Speaking group with members all over the world.
• Active Daily Players who are currently taking out 10* & 11* Titans
• Must use all 6 flags if you opt in for war and fight titans daily.
• Real life happens outside of the game so just let us know if you may be inactive for any reason, inactive players or war flags left without any notification will be removed.
• We use WhatsApp to communicate, it’s easy to download if you haven’t already got it.

Please ask if you have any question, we would love to have you onboard and look forward to giving you a huge welcome or just send and invite!

Happy go lucky alliance looking for one active member! Must have WhatsApp as we use that to share and learn. Use all flags in war if opted in and hit Titan daily. Currently in 11* titans. Minimum TP 4000 :partying_face:

The Annual Purge - one spot still available, come find your home with us! :smiley:

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