An abundance of reds, but not enough rings…

Lady Loki or Yang Mai for my next sets of rings?

What do you guys think?



Depends on what else you have but I would go for Yang


Thanks or the quick reply!!

I’ve got Jean Francois (T19), Reuben (T7), and Wilbur (T20 and limit broken and fully leveled to 75), as my best reds.

What do you think?


I would probably still make Yang first, her elemental link is great and she hits more than 1 time pretty regular.

Lady Loki is great because reds are missing clensears but I would tak her to 3^70 for now.

I tend to agree with Radar. You already have a hit all DoT in JF + Reuben as a fast hit three. Lady Loki is very good, but I don’t see a synergy with JF. Yang Mai on the other hand is good in any red team. I have Lady Loki at 3.70 and even though she is quite squishy, she still helps winning raids in lower diamond.