🔷 Amulets - Special items for Season 5 (Dynasty of Dunes)

Lol…no kidding. I’ve been using Zhuge and his counterattacking minions. I haven’t used the amulet yet, so I don’t know what the effect is yet.

Also, heads up…you’ll need to go rainbow team to use the BenBen amulet.

Do I need to use rainbow team if I want BenBen use to count against the mission?

Yup. Tried to use my autoplay team of Gullinbursti - Toto - Zhuge Liang - Cao Cao and Jequn, but the game said no. It’ll stop you from entering the map battle.

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Yes you need rainbow

And to answer my own question: reposte hero’s are useless with this amulet.
@Petri can you please check if this is intended? Seems wrong to me to ignore specials from hero’s in favour of amulets…

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Same thing happens with attack buffs. I brought Kiril and his attack buff does not activate, only his defense buff

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This is just the worst amulet. I don’t even mind the rainbow… But damn it is dumb.


+30% attack and counterattack with 100% uptime is actually pretty good.

That reflect status ailment amulet is by far the most useful and a staple for me at all stages.


Agreed… I’ll hot swap the others, but the ailment reflect is always on.


Yeah. Just put together bestest rainbow team and it’s green light all the way.

Given the continuing nerfs to Was (whose name is starting to look appropriate, “past tense”), Benben can start looking kinda good, depending on who you’re bringing.

If you don’t mind PvE with rainbow anyway, and don’t have/aren’t relying on counterattack to get the job done, it’s arguable that +30% attack (on everything including tile damage) is possibly preferable to +30% damage on specials only (even though +30% attack and +30% damage are presumably not the same thing).


Ive been ising was and the new one together not sure if stack difficult to tell.

I switched the Was Scepter to the BenBen Crystal + Shen amulet. Works well so far, but I only started the hard mode (Province 3 now).

What I don’t get is about the Djen. So if Ahotepp, Tetisheri, Ahmose are killed, they revive as mummies. But aren’t they already mummies :upside_down_face:? What’s the difference :stuck_out_tongue: ?

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