🔷 Amulets - Special items for Season 5 (Dynasty of Dunes)


:large_blue_diamond: Amulets

The launch date for Season 5 and Amulets was 2022-04-21T06:00:00Z


Unlocking Amulets

Those stages which grants you new Amulets or increases your open Amulet Slot spot are marked with a special icon.
Those stages which are unlocking a new Amulet or an Amulet slot spot can not be replayed for the first time as after the Rewards screen is closed a new screen is opened, where you are notified about what have you unlocked.
The title of this screen is: New Amulets Unlocked or New Amulet Slot unlocked (or both under each other.)
And you can see the unlocked items icon, name and description here.

These Amulets are granted for you free once you completing specific Provincies.

There is a quick tutorial shown to you about Amulets after finishing Province 1 for the first time.

Amulet Inventory

The Amulets are stoted in a special inventory, which is accessable from the Season V map:

You can also see your currently selected Amulets and the available slot count on there too.

If you click on the Amulet panel on the map, then the Amulet Invetory open. (See above)
On top section of this screen you see your selected Amulet(s), while on the bottom you see the selectable Amulets.
If there is a free slot, then you can equip the Amulet by clicking on it.
If there is no free slot, and you want to select another one instead of it, then need to unequip one first by click on the Amulet you want to unequip, and after that you need to click on the Amulet you want to use instead of the previous one.

If you want, then you Battle without any Amulets. In order to do it you need to unequip all Amulets.

Before you enter a Season V Battle between your heroes and the battle items, you can see a small Amulet panel too, where you also access the Amulet Inventory Screen to change/equip Amulets if you want.

There are some special missions tied to Amulets, which you can read about here:

Checking selected Amulets during the battles

During the fight you can very which Amulet(s) are using by clicking on the Amulet related icon on the left.

If you click on it, then this message is shown:

Amulet types

There will be 9 types (based on the sized of the Amulet Inventory), but so far only 4 of them are arrived to Beta.

Name Image Unlocked after Effect
Ankh kép Completing Province 1 Gives 10% boosted health to your Hero each time they cast a Special Skill.
Was Sceptre kép Completing Province 1 Increases the damage that enemies receive from your Special Skills by 30%.
Tjet kép Completing Province 4 Gives 20% mana to your Heroes every 3 turns.
Udjat Eye kép Completing Province 7 Weakens all enemies by stacks of -7% attack and -7% mana generation each time you cast a special skill.
Shen kép Completing Province 13 Protects your Heroes from status ailments and reflects them back to the enemy when possible.
Scarab kép Completing Province 16 Increases your Troop damage against weaker elements by 200%.
Djed image Completing Province 22 Revives your Heroes as Mummies with 10% attack and -50% defense after they are defeated for the first time.
Crystal Benben kép Completing Province 25 Gives your Heroes +30% attack and makes them counterattack with +30% on the damage received. Active only if all Heroes are of different elements !
Crook & Flail kép Completing Province 31 Increases stats for your all Rare/Epic Heroes.
Heath: +80% / +20%
Attack: +80% / +20%
Defense: +80% / +20%

Amulet slots


There maximum number of open Amulet slots is 3, and slots are unlocked during you progress on the Season V Map stages.

Amulet Slot # Opened after Completing
1 Province 1
2 Province 10
3 Province 28

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got my first amulet… it’s a nice buff to have!

so far, the province 2 enemies are easy enough… let’s see how I feel when we get to the later provinces :stuck_out_tongue:


Are amulets permanent or do we need to get more?

Yes, once they are get it, then you will have them forever.

There will be 9 Amulets in total.

You will just be able to select which one (or later two or three) do you want to bring with yourself to the Season V map stages.


Sadly they seem limited to Season 5 :frowning:
I was hoping you could use them anywhere…

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Are they limited to how many times you can use them?


No, there is no limit on usage of them


Took me a few clicks to figure this out, especially with my fat fingers and the tiny amulets.

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FYI, the Was Scepter is great for v.fast/fast heroes that hit multiple monsters. It’s made Gravemaker and Hannah, for example, hit like trucks.

The biggest improvement I’ve seen is to Baldur, though. The extra 80% appears to be applied every time Unbreakable Brawler triggers between turns.

Thank you

20 thanks thanks

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yeam, am really loving the Scepter as well. My Lepus just one-shot the boss on 1-1 Normal, doing 2282 damage to that hippo.

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Hi @PlayForFun @Petri , I wonder if this is an error. The amulet I received was Tjet for completing province 4 normal, but the next mission unlocked is for Udjat Eye…


I have sent a message to Staff about this question.

Staff is checking it.

This bug is reported here:


thank you for your update! :slight_smile:

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The real sad thing for this Season is that the strong passives and the amulets seem like such a nice addition to make the game fun and interesting again, however, the difficulty level and the winning conditions still weren’t adjusted any tiny bit. So I can just ignore the passives, ignore the amulets, bring my uber-durable team and still win everything on autoplay :confused: Like special tiles on Season 4, this feels like such a wasted opportunity for something that could be interesting and engaging.

Has this now been fixed?
My Mission now says Tjet.

Ok now it says Udjat in the Title but Tjet in the description.
However it did count the level I just completed using the Tjet Amulet

Yes, it is fixed by Staff:


I am really enjoying the new Shen amulet and its status ailment reflect :slight_smile: it’s nice turning things back on the enemy!


I literally see no reason to use other amulet, it’s so powerful!


Agree @CL_Fire , it really makes things so much easier!