Amulets for raids and war

I don’t know if there is a study on this, but I think you will add color to the game if you put the 5th season Amulets on sale to use them in raids and battles. The player can strengthen or speed up their hero as they wish.

you want the biggest players to be even bigger and the weaker players to be even weaker?
who will buy again … the people who buy everything.
so it won’t be fair.
so bad idea.
or have a building that allows you to create amulets, a bit like you create other combat objects


I don’t see @rafraph comment as insulting. He didn’t direct anything at you, he just said the idea itself is stupid. I would phrase it myself as a bad idea, but I agree with his comments. Such amulets would greatly impact the balance of the game.


mine is just an idea may not necessarily buy. can be earned or produced from events. The new trops, which are on sale to make strong players even stronger, have broken the balance enough, but there is still a playable game.

I appreciate the “outside the box” thinking. However, emblems, costumes, and limit breakers were all touted as ways to bring balance to the game. We all see how that has worked out…

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