Amount of TC20 an lvlup question

I want to know what I should do at the moment regarding TCs. I just finished my 3rd TC20 and now I am wondering how many I should run simultaneously right now. I have plenty of recruits and food saved. I could also level up some of my heroes. First I was thinking of running 3 Camps for a month and then I can choose the best heroes to level. Does this make sense?

What do you guys recommend?

This is my roster.

I say get your heroes up.
You don’t have a solid 4☆ first team to think in making TC20 chasing for 5☆s
Make at least 1 solid 4☆ team before thinking in 5☆.
You may also don’t have enough AMs to ascend your 5☆s.
Try to ascend Rigard he is gold
Ascend Sonya and Scarlet and Valeria.
You don’t have attackers but maby healers.
You already have many to level up.
After these heroes are up, run all 3 TC20 to get solid heroes for 2 months … then stop and start make feeders.

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I agree - at this moment you need a solid four star team that doesn’t include three healers. Max out Rigard, Sonya, Gormek, Little John, and keep Chao. This would be a very good team to get you going. Generally, don’t worry much about TC-20s until you have a solid and maxed 4* team AND have nine farms preferably all at level 20. Legendary training cost a ton of food that you currently need elsewhere.


And 5☆ heroes needs tons of feeders.
The only wores thing than not having 5☆ heroes is having them with no chance to train them due to lack of Mats or feeders.
Trust me in that I have several 5☆ heroes on 2/3^60/70 holding there for a ***** Mats.

Thanks. You are right. I should lvl up my heroes first.

I have the mats to ascend all heroes including Obakan except the red ones…

What do you mean with legendary training costs a ton of food?

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Legendary TC20 traning cost Tons of food … per 1.
And Training 5☆ heroes cost so much food and feeders.

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TC-20 (Legendary) training costs 295K of food and 100 recruits each.

I ran 4x TC20 at the same time (because I had no heroes I wanted to level at that point and I really, really wanted 5* heros since I had ascension materials for 3/5 of the colors.
I would not suggest to do it because you are limited to the heros you currently have but I got lucky and got Sartana of my 7th pull and was hyped to “not have much to do for a month”.
The other thing is you could get some good 4* out of TC20 aswell. I’d pull heros as long as I can ascend them.
If I was in your position I’d go for 3 or even 4 TC20s for 5* heros but again, if the games gets to boring for you because you don’t level and get “nothing done” I’d go down to 2 TC20s, one for cheap and the other one for backpack heros.

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