Ametrine and BK

If Amethrine on x2 or x3 will strike to activated BK, how many targets will be struck?

She dispels before striking, AFAIK.

Hmmm, my Ametrine is almost at 70. I’ll test this later and record

I used her just once against BK, and I’m pretty sure she hits 3 on the 2nd charge. Will test it again, and I assume it will be hit all on the 3rd charge. I remember thinking how cool she is because of that in particular. :slight_smile:

I would think it would only dispel BK but hit all 3.

Ametrine is not affected at all by BK or Krampus, she always hits based on her charge level. So the targeting is done after the dispel. And yes I have tested and regularly use this strategy in raids.

I’m not 100% sure she dispels only BK and not the ones she hits, she may only dispel the taunt.


She dispels all the buffs on BK but not the rest. However, she does hit everyone.
Ametrine + Onyx is gonna be so fun to raid with especially against Double and Reverse Double :smiley:


She should be affected by the initial taunt no matter what charges she has, but BK’s flesh wound and taunt effect should be dispelled first before she strikes

I have used Ametrine on BK multiple times when i did a non stop raid train, and regardless of mana charge. BK is the only one debuffed and takes the full brunt of the attack. Even though her card is stated to hut target and nearby at 2x and all at 3x, BK takes the entire hit for the team because of the taunt. This i figured out runnung a mono dark team. Rigard-C, Tiburtus-C, Clarissa, Ursena, and Ametrine i used. Debuff BK, then use your other heroes to take out the rest. Back when FBKO was a thing, aftet debuffing BK, i had a very small window to not only take out BK, but also either Frigg or Odin, as they could wipe you out within, usually, the next 2 turns

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But she dispells taunt then hits, I will check again but other people also confirm that she hits 3/all even though she dispells only BK.

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Have you seen a video posted above? That was my experience as well. :slight_smile:

She hits all, but dispells only BK. And it is logical sequence of events.

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Ah yes, sorry about that. I kind of misread the question. Sorry about the confusion. :slight_smile: She only debuffs BK, but hits all. :slight_smile: Somehow my mind always registered the “resist” symbol that pops up on the other heroes, and I automatically assumed she did no damage to them… :rofl:

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ok. i tried it for myself. the the hit 3/all still applies, but only BK gets debuffed. i was wrong on that part. my bad


Yea Ametrine dispels first then attacks. She’s like a junior Kage. Very good hero.

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