AMERICA FIRST: It's not for everyone

Want to play with a great group of people who are dedicated to this game, their families, and their country (order of preference may vary)? AMERICA FIRST is recruiting! Whether you’ve been in the game for a while or are beginning to get a foothold, this is the Alliance for you.

We are dedicated English-speaking players who strive to win every war and defeat every titan. We also understand that this is a game so we don’t stress our members out about playing. We have participation requirements (see below), but if you run up against life, let us know: we’ll work it out.

We have a fun group of players from all over the country (sometimes the world) and both sides of the political aisle who believe in our Alliance and what it stands for. Half of our members have been with us for over a year, and a quarter of us have been here for over two years. This is because we are respectful, we help each other learn techniques and strategies, and genuinely care about our members.

As I said, it’s not for everyone, but it might just be for you. Join us and see!

-Currently 1800 trophies (varies with number of open positions)
-Use all 6 war attacks in 1 of every 2 wars. 2 of every 2 Preferred. :smile:
-Attack at least 1 of every 3 titans with 3 or more attacks. 3 of every 3 preferred.
-Opt out of a war if you know you cannot play in it.

No offense, but “America First” is pretty offensive. And I’m saying that as an American.


Probly if there was other people from other countries in the alliance then i could see them being offended

But if it’s an alliance with people from the same country, then it just seems like they’re proud of where they come from

If i saw a german alliance named “Germany Rocks”, or whatever(dumb example but u get my point) i wouldn’t be offended or apalled

Just like i don’t get offended if i see someone wearing a nfl/college sports team shirt representing their home town/state at the local grocery store…

Alliances are welcome to recruit however they see fit in my opinion

Have seen men only alliances, women only alliances, veteran only alliances, etc etc etc

If an alliance wants only/primarily people from a specific country, nothin wrong in doin so and doin it proudly to attract the attention of the people from that country


Love the name (and the movie you borrowed it from), Chodaboy.

But in response, not if you actually get to know what we’re about. But I’m leaving all political discussion off of this thread. Feel free to open an new thread in the General Discussion category.


You hit the nail on the head @Rigs .

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This happens to be an excellent alliance for aggressive advanced players.

As far as OFFENSIVE, I was on this alliance for over 7 months and enjoyed the comradeship and professionalism of the members. I NEVER felt offended. Amongst the members are patriots including some veterans (like myself).

My advice to offended players: these are Americans… sometimes freedom of speech hurts!


@altlyzr ! I hope you’re doing well wherever you landed. Thanks for telling it like it is, bro. :slightly_smiling_face:

You’re welcome back anytime!

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Actually please don’t open a new thread about political discussion on this forum :wink:

As that’s just off-topic everywhere here – this is Empires & Puzzles forum, for E&P topics and discussion.

Any issues with alliance conduct should be reported privately through the instructions under #contact-support

With that said, I believe that the name of this alliance is fine – I see no violation of forum rules nor terms of service here. Good luck recruiting!


Thanks rens… best of luck to everyone, please say “Hi” for me.

Hi back! Like Rens said, welcome back anytime!


Thanks RRB! You guys are just too good. Good luck and keep smiling.

You have a point. On the other side of the coin, “America First” is a slogan commonly use by white supremacists. I assume that someone as conscientious as you would understand why the term is offensive to others, even if it is not offensive to you.

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jump to conclusions

Is this alliance white supremacists?

I don’t see anywhere in their thread excluding race

So you’re connecting what 2 separate groups say even though they have 2 different meanings and finger pointing because?

If you find America offensive, why even read the Recruiting thread?

If i thought for a second these were white supremacists, of course i would be torchin it but they don’t come across that way to me and probly don’t come across to anyone else that way either considering there’s only 2 people offended in this thread out of a thousand forum members

People really need better things to do than look for reasons to be offended…

Also to note, our own government has used the phrase as well when running for office, i guess they’re white supremacists as well?

Lol anyways find a hobby, get a second job, do something that keeps you busy enough to not hunt the internet praying to find something that offends you

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Thanks, @Rigs ! I appreciate you seeing things clearly. LOL, when I started this thread, the hook “It’s not for everyone” referred directly to our ‘home-life comes first’ attitude toward the game. And just look what some others have turned it into. :man_shrugging:

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OMG, rens, you’re offending more people?!?

I’m going to guess at this point that the only way to NOT OFFEND any of these obviously “Tightly-Wound” people would be to only post completely BLANK posts. I’m not sure how well recruiting will go, but at least you won’t bother anybody! :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink:

Question though: are these the same people who “get offended” when they don’t get 6 Royal Tabards for completing a raid chest, or losing a war, or by not beating a 12 star Titan with 1 attack… back to my question: why are these people, who are seeking offenses, even playing an online combative game???

They aren’t about White Supremacy, they are about Patriotism!

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Remember all, this is a recruitment ad. Nothing that violates forum rules has been identified. If this group speaks to you, give it a shot. If not, there are other groups out there.


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