Ameonna rework

So, Ameonna have really good attack stats, but she have few issues. The main one is also her main benefit, her Ghost form. Basically, she encourage you to use as many purple tiles as possible during her Ghost form, but she didn’t gain any mana then. When her effect worns off, we have hero with low defence, no mana and no tiles to charge her. I get not gaining mana was to stop her from being a Ghost non-stop, but it was executed rather poorly.

So, here’s how I’d change Ameonna’s special:

  • The caster shifts into Ghost Form
  • Ghost Form removes all dispellable and undispellable buffs and status ailments from the caster.
  • While in Ghost form the caster gains +82% attack.
  • While in Ghost form the caster can’t cast special skill, but is immune to normal attacks, special attacks, and all status effects.
  • Ghost form lasts for 4 turns.
  • After returning from Ghost Form caster gets silence for 4 turns. This effect can’t be dispelled or removed. This effect always bypass status ailments immunity.

So here’s the deal: you still can generate mana, but can’t activate her again during her special. You will also get a cooldown no matter what before activating her again, so you can’t be a ghost non-stop (this will be good time to farm some tiles into board).

What do you think about this? Will it make Ameonna more usable?

Its interesting but 4 turns is too long, 3 would be ok IMO

I’ve chosen 4 turns, so it equals her Ghost form duration.

Not sure yet, but would consider leveling her up (she’s long been at 3/60 and has never been used). I don’t think that she will be of any use once the silence mode starts. But until then…

she suffers from the new mechanic hero being extremely weak compared to the newer similar heroes (Thoth-amun, aeron, inari…)

i like the idea but she will still be too weak

her problems are also having very low defense and ghost form doesn’t do much alone nor for the team unlike some similar heroes

she feels like lepiota banished her

at least her defense needs to be buffed and the attack can be 100% instead of 82%

Imagine if SG cared enough to actually rework and rebalance old heroes to keep the game rich instead of flooding it with neverending stream of new ones that you have to constantly pull for.

Nope, not in the businessplan.


Attack needs to be even more significant. 150% attack in ghost form wouldn’t even be that OP for her.

Explain the silence thing. If it’s to prevent her from going Ghost again, just make her average mana, like Stonecleave.

If you will be able to generate enough mana during ghost stage, you would activate it as soon as it will ends, making you impossible to hit.

The way Ameonna is right now already solved that issue. The only change is the +1%.

I’ve no idea what the newer heros are capable of, but when Ameona was first released, I got her and maxed her. Personally I thought she was fun to use, simply because of her Ghost Form.

She was (still is?) a magnet for enemy slash attacks and specials, and I believe that was/is her selling point. Taking one for the team while not being damaged by it…comedy gold and also won me a ton of battles.

She never did get much love upon release. Shame really, as I think she was different, and different is good.

As for the OP: gaining mana while Ghosted but then being silenced…I can see what you’re getting at and I think it’d be a neat upgrade to her. When she “un-ghosts” now, a board starved of purple tiles makes her decidedly iffy, especially if she’s already taken damage. Although I suppose she’s still got to survive the 4 silenced turns, so…

Just give her taunt then. Any hero is immediately relevant with taunt

Does her ghost form costume give her an automated attack? I’ve tried using her and in ghost form she heals other allies ok. However, I don’t see any automated random attacks. If I’m wrong and I’ve just not noticed them that’s cool… otherwise this is the first ghost form that does no damage.

If she has no attack, then she needs one. Otherwise she a novelty only good for farming and non-pvp events. Can’t heal her otherwise.

She needs to have a life sucking ghostly aura that activates on random target for a couple turns… maybe her presence is so terrifying it drains 10% of remaining health for 3 turns when she is in a physical form. Since you give the opponent a +2 mana charge when tiles pass through her, and the health generated is not very high for allies, this would be an ok option.

Cool concept, poor execution. All is dependant on if she actually does damage while ghosting with her costume.

Only Stonecleave deals damage while being ghost, it’s random attack what is an exception, not the other way…

It is not that she hits anyone while in ghost form or otherwise, this heroes value lies in her attack Stat from the point of tile damage.

It would be nice if she actually did some damage by means of reducing enemies mana (being frightened) or reducing their attack by say 40 to 50% or even missing because of the same reason.

Yes, Ameonna could do with a makeover.