Ameonna (new season hero)

Everyone is saying she seems very niche. I haven’t tested her, but she seems very powerful as a mid tank hero. Immune against attacks, specials and dots. She’ll be blocking 3 tiles. Am I missing something? Ofcourse there are other better tanks, but IMO in theory she seems like a top tier tank. Anyone tested her?

Tank? Easy target, low defense and low health. Yes she has protection while in ghost form but she is not gaining mana during that time and no heal. Opponent can throw all bad tiles and charge up. After ghost form you just have to finish her.

It is clear that she is better at offense and not defense. On defense Tank position in my opinion should be last where to put her. Just my opinion.

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I thought about her as a tank but the problem is that she can’t be healed during ghost mode. She has got very low defence so even when she turns to ghost, just after the ghost is finished she’s dead due to very low life left.

Oh. Couldn’t see she was immune to heals while in ghost form. So pretty useless hero then, because she seem to suck offense wise

I went against her in a raid yesterday, she was on the back. Never shifted to ghost form and was easily killed, even if I was not targeting her

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Her only use is on offense with her high attack stat and attack buff and full immunity (to normal and special attacks, but also to healing) while in ghost form. Rather useless when the AI runs her on defense.

Also she does not block 3 tiles because troops go through her

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Being so unik I really want her to be useful (don’t care about defense).

Guess I will take to 3/60 and try her out in war before I decide if I want to spend any tools on her.

What? So she doesn’t even block tiles while in ghost mode??? That would make this this totally worthless hero even worse…

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Yellow titans.
Not a moderator

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yall dumb if you dont ascend her tbh

Being playing here at full capacity I really see no use in here at all.
What are we (or I) not seeing as in the discribtion she should have +82% attack power in ghost, did not see one attack untill now when using here, lot’s on yellow titans…

Anyone can amplify?

Interesting design idea, poorly implemented.

Her special buffs tile DMG, but she can’t gain mana while the buff is up. Fire her special off then make all your purple matches for great tile dmg, then have nothing left to charge her again. While in ghost she can’t be healed, which seems a fair way to balance immunity…however she also can’t be buffed by anything such as attack buffs, banners, Wu Kong…

I like the idea, but the implementation holds her back.

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