Ameonna is better than you think

When Ameonna was first released there was discussion that her special ability is useless. Pic for reference:

There were concerns about her low defensive stats, and she can’t heal while in ghost form. Think of it instead as she has the highest attack stat of any 4*, and purple doesn’t hit very hard in the 4* category. Rigard, Sabina, cyprian, the only hitter is tiburtus. If you’re stacking a purple team against a titan, or competing in an event, even if she dies look at the damage she contributes to your purple tiles! The ghost ability seems wonky but it’s really quite fun when the titan or AI on a defensive raid wastes on attack on her while she can’t take damage. Plus her boost on purple tiles while in ghost form.


I got her maxed and she was a good utility for colorstacking against yellow tank. Now, I got Proteus maxed so I run without her simply because of the lack of healing or regeneration of mana in ghost mode. She can die so easily on raids and Proteus is way more helpful. His stats are good as well, 707 in attack.
She is tricky to use but she is fun.
So like I said, in an other topic, I will max a second of her if I don’t get a 5* dark.
If you have 2 of her, it could be a fun opportunity in raids, imho.
Somebody says, she is a titan specialist in an other topic and I agree today. I use her only there nowadays.

Not sure about this, I will verify today, but she can get more of 3 minions to protect herself.

Edit : nope, she can’t get more than 3 minions, I didn’t see it right last time I was fighting with her and Delilah…


I immediately liked her when she was first available. Wasn’t able to pull her until one month later, but at the same time I received Khiona and Proteus. Also am leveling Sartana. So unfortunately it will take some time before I get to her. But definitely a fun power.

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My main “problem” with her is that the side effect of no mana gain conflicts with the designed game play of boosted tile damage. Ideally you want to make purple matches while her special is active which works against your ability to charge her special up a second time if you clear your board of purple matches.

Compounding this, her immunity not only blocks mana gain and healing, but also application of attack buffs such as Wu Kong, Tarlak, Boldtusk…

I understand why there was a need to not allow back to back casts of the special, but the implementation holds back a unique hero. Maybe a cooldown of a round or two on the special after she comes out of ghost would have mechanically worked better, as you could then rebuff and charge her while she is active, but not chain cast her special for permanent immunity.

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