Ameonna bug - appears to gain minion from Delilah

Ameonna appeared to gain a minion from Delilah’s SS while ghosted. Ameonna did not heal during the SS and as far as I can tell, the minion is just a graphical bug. It did not attack at the end of my round. When Ameonna took a hit after phasing back in, the minion did not take any damage. In fact, after Ameonna died, the minion still appears to be guarding her.2018-09-05_20-22-01


@zephyr1 Is this a bug that was solved? I wonder if ameonna would gain or keep a minion after going ghost.

I’m not sure, since there weren’t any replies to this thread.

Maybe @madmarv has seen whether this still happens.

I think all of the old Ameonna bugs have been ironed out by now. I haven’t used Ameonna in ages.


I dont have any heroes that give minions to all rn so I have no way to check.

I just tried ameonna with buddy and he gave her a minion. Also worked while gazelle’s special was active, so it’s likely this is working as intended.

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Good to know especially with the new S3 hero coming that has ghost mode as well.