Ameona ghost mode mana generation

Just as suggestion, changing here skill so she can get mana in ghost mode.

This is only idea how to make this hero absolute blast to play. She would be amazing 4*.

I think that would make her OP. Maybe generate half mana…


Her tile damage is extremely high for a 4*. Extremely.

The only buff she really should get is a slightly higher defense.

No way she generates mana in any update ever.


I agree, the way she is now shes just plain bad. She should be able to generate mana normally while in ghost, if not that then she needs to get a small heal over time and or mana over time buff while in ghost. People argue constantly thatt her high attack is enough, but what good is that if she dies so fast she cant even hit anything?

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I don’t think the devs will ever want her generating mana at all in ghost form, given she can’t take any damage.

I do agree that she needs a defense buff though. To put into perspective how bad her survivability is, it is on par, and if not worse than Gunnar’s, who’s a 3* hero that needs much less levels to max than her.

She isn’t bad though, she’s just average. Her Ghost form can be used to avoid counterattack damage and skill damage (20% chance, higher if more of your heroes are knocked out). Very situational, but more applicable than her other Atlantis counterpart Gobbler.

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Emblems should cover the defence buff, if you like her :relaxed:

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Potential understatement of the year. At fast mana, giving her four turns of ghost mode to fill her meter again would almost always have her in ghost mode, dealing obscene damage and being completely invincible to damage. Who cares if she can’t heal or buff in ghost mode with those parameters?

Problem is, every time I use her, the game seems to know and there barely any dark tiles for her atk buff to be effective. When it’s all over, there’s not enough tiles to activate her again.

Being said, I think she should have a mana “drain” effect as she is a ghost. Maybe every 3 tiles to 1 mana per landed hit. Only reason I really use her is for family boosting.

I just put suggestion because she would be very good purple 4*.

Maybe worth going for 20 on talent grid with here if this ability was implemented for this hero but for now I would choose Rigard, Jabbar, Tibrutus, Sabina, Proteus…and many more anytime before here - she would be all back on the bus.

I don’t have her but I certainly hate going against her.
Maybe she’s just a good defense hero rather than attack as she can still fire away while in ghost mode

Noticed that when I attacked here. :slight_smile:
Thats way opened this topic, she was good oponent but lacking that mana generation ability in ghost mode as she is good hitter.

I wouldn’t change attack rate just this ability. Developers thought this through as this is very specific rule to hero. To bad for this hero usseles.

She’s a terrible defensive hero. The worst. In the entire game…

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don’t see how, if placed as a flank as I have come across her she ghosts up so can’t be killed but yet still able to shot.
Admittedly I still end up winning but she is the last one standing in most attacks.

In my opinion as an attacker if you can’t get mana to protect her quickly enough she is useless.
Each to their own though.

Number 1 goal when succesfully raiding is to punch a hole in the defense as soon as possible to ghost tiles and charge special skills

She literally does that work for you without even having to be killed first

The attacker benefits from her special going off on the defending side

Basically if you put in her in your defense, you help the other team beat you

Yes that is the down side of her for sure.

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Just ghost tiles through her, charging your mana at accelerated speed and unleash the fury when her ghost mode is over! :skull:

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I agree with all of you in ghost mode you super charge attack and she doesn’t - bad rule if this is changed she would be useful.

It that case ask for tiles that hit her while she is in ghost mood the be also ghosted thus don’t count. This would solve that problem.

Then by doing that she becomes a good hero to have as she can’t be be killed and you get no advantage from her ghosting but yet she can still shot.

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Titans is where you see her biggest use and only if wilbur/khiona isnt your go to duo for holy titans

She can be used in some low tier raiding since the AI still targets her with special skills if she is in ghost mode(same with titans) which causes the skill(s) to be a waste. But titans is still her spot in the limelight

Good suggestion this would be great compensation. :clap: