Amazon Army Expanding - seeking active players who intend to grow as a family

Hi everyone!

Our members come from various countries and all of us have been in this alliance for 1+ to 3+ years. Currently hitting 6* to 8* titans (will increase as alliance grows). Currently have 15 available slots, Individuals or small groups are welcome to join us!


  1. Need to have at least 30 fully levelled 4* & 5* heroes to take part in alliance events
  2. Actively hit the titans
  3. War is optional, but need to use up all hits if opt in
  4. Do communicate to the group if you need to be inactive for a period of time - we understand real life comes first

Interested parties can search for “Amazon Army” in the game or you can first chat with our leader in LINE (ID : WarAmazon)

Thank you!
Amazon Army

A merger will be ideal. We have 15 available slots, almost every member is above 4000 TP and are actively involved.

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