Amazing luck with elemental summon right on color change


I have read a couple times that players had great luck with an elemental summon when done right when the colors change over. I had been planning a 10 pull on Ice for a couple days and I just happened to be almost in bed when it changed over the last time, so I went for it. This was 30 seconds or so after the Ice became active. I was really hoping for Grimm to back up Kiril. Here’s what I got:

Magni, Isarina, Grimm, Sonya, Ulmer X3, Graymane X2, and Karil

Score! I don’t know how you would ever test this short of spending quite a lot of gems, but here’s another success using this approach.


Dang congrats…


RNG luck on your side for this one, and I know we all like to read into things and make sense of it, but that is all it was - RNG luck. That’s a great set of cards!

Much like I did a 10x dark pull and for 2 5*, 4 4* and the remaining 3* (but two I ‘wanted’ to round out my team). This was followed by my next 10x pull on the most event, 10 3* LOL.


Congrats on an amazing pull!
Although I haven’t seen better pulls at the beginning of a new elemental color, I’ve noticed I get better luck if I do my pulls while away from home. :rofl:


Wow that was great for you! Congratz!

Anyone knows the next color? :joy::joy:


Nice, congrats! If I ever try a x10 pull I’ll try it right after the color changes. :face_with_monocle:


I just said “Dayuuuummmmmm”. NICE pulls, congrats. I’ll trade you Richard and Thorne for your Magni. :stuck_out_tongue:


Even only at 3/70, Magni looks like he will be brutal. 420%?!?!