Amazing Life-hacks, Ultamite Technqe, Survivalist Camping Must-Haves/Do's, Magiver Cobbled together home made projects and catch-all Thread



Hmm, short, pithy life hacks are easier to digest.

Bush liven Tõilet

New project. Any guesses? Use 1 fine detail flush cut saw (actually use something way better :v: . And pairing knife from dollar store…ramshackle something from a ditch or dumpster… And…its not done… 2B continued

Don’t wake the boss, cause you started and midnight cause it was raining.

Assembly of stuff and things

Boss approved…but she says im replaceable if i don’t get it done on budget…budget is 0 dollars and 0 cents…not sure if it makes sense though…


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Finished project

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Other things ive made lately

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Best bug mask

Remember to claim the daily gift from the store, everyday.

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When you need a handle…if you need to ask…you don’t need to know


When going for a walk wear comfortable shoes

Ultimate life tip
When annoying people bug for attention, ignore them cause they are needy attention seekers…and lame

Life is to short to deal with losers in your life :+1:


Make sure your phone is charged at least 50% before going out

Charge your phone from 30% to a maximum of 80%.

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Especially when going off-grid

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If you just got out the swimming pool and someone tells you your shoelaces are undone, don’t fall for it!

If you have the sudden urge to hijack something, hijack a forum thread. It’s less dangerous than the alternatives.



This is contributing

When camping in your back garden take a spork.

Very useful.

Tree house for safe wild animals in night